7 Tips – How to Get Your Ex Back and Keep Him Too

It doesn’t matter who broke up or why, you want them back no matter what. How do you get him back What works, what doesn’t, and why? Make sure you don’t mess up, or that he never wants to hear from you again, much less than you are together again. Here are 7 tips to help you love him more than ever.

There is a reason why your ex-boyfriend is, and your task is to banish this reason from his memory – forever. He’s out there meeting other women with more or less success. Does he still think of you, does he still love you? Does he want to get back together too?

Who knows! Maybe he does, maybe not. Either way, you want to get back on track because you realized that you still love him. Any other guy you meet just can’t match their qualities and that will only drive you crazy. Any date you go on with a new guy feels boring and superficial. You understand that you are comparing him to your ex and that makes you feel even worse.

It’s time to bring this guy back into your life.

But how?

Hit him over the head with a brick, toss it in the trunk of your car, and take it home. Okay, maybe not. Let’s try something a little more subtle.

Here’s how to get your ex-boyfriend back:

You have to make him feel awful for breaking up with you. He should feel like an idiot letting you go. This is what you need to make him feel when you get him back. You won’t get him back by spying on and harassing him (stop checking his Facebook every 2 minutes), but by reminding him of all the great times you had together and letting him imagine how more beautiful life can be could be if you were still together

This will require you to make some radical changes in your life.

Stop and give at least 30 seconds to each of the following questions. Answer honestly; Tell yourself aloud

  • What went wrong in your relationship?
  • Why?
  • What did he dislike about your relationship?
  • What would you do differently when you get back together?
  • What did he love most about your relationship?
  • What did you love most
  • What was the most limiting factor in love in your relationship? What was stopping it from growing further?
  • Did you do your best to make the relationship work?

Think about these questions. Don’t be too critical of him or yourself. All that emotional bullshit blaming each other and blaming each other for shitting is one of the reasons you might have broken up in the first place.

We seldom know what we have – until we lose it.

Now you know what you lost and you will get it back. Nobody can guarantee that you will be together again – but at least 90% of the time, it is possible. You have to believe in the possibility.

  • Why did you fall in love with each other at all?
  • What connected you

There must have been something he first fell in love with.

  • Why did it go away?
  • Did you take each other for granted?
  • Have you both been lazy with your relationship and just left it on autopilot?

The reason you need to answer these questions for yourself is so that you can determine a few things. Firstly, do you want to get it back, are you going to be happy or are you lonely right now, but deep down you know that when you’re together again it probably won’t work? You have to believe that things will work between the two of you and that you can be happy together again. Otherwise, if you don’t fully believe in this relationship then it’s not worth trying to get it back.

I suppose you’ve decided something can work out between you and him. Now the question arises: what can you do to make him believe in your relationship too?

# 1 Get better

As mentioned above, you have to be better than what he reminds you of. Hotter. Much hotter. This can be a great motivator for any guy to get back together. You mustn’t see yourself for some time and then when you do – he’s just blown away by how much prettier you have gotten.

This will make him feel terrible that he can no longer have you anytime he wants. Desire comes in and now he feels like an idiot for not staying with you. After meeting you, he thinks “Gosh, she looks great!” – just wait for his chin to give way when he sees you look five times better. I know this sounds superficial, but it just works because most people think what they’re in their pants, not with their heart or brain. Even if he’s a pretty smart guy, physical attraction can be the first step in getting your ex-boyfriend back. It’s only the first step, but it’s a crucial step – because now you have your foot in the door. You throw a hook and wait for it to bite.

# 2 Forgive him

The second step in getting your ex back is forgiveness. You will never be able to be together again if you cannot forgive one another. Initiate this yourself. Why did you break up? Did you cheat, did he cheat, did the love evaporate, or were you bored, what is it? It doesn’t matter that you cleanse each other. Don’t talk about what happened to him in the past.

Start all over. Click the reset button. Whatever he did wrong – get over it. Forgive yourself if you made mistakes and forgive him, you are guilty one way or another and it will not help you to remember them. You can’t get back together when you are enemies, so stay close by forgiving. Let the past go Every day is a new opportunity for you to have a better life with a great guy, maybe it is him – and now that you start over you’ve learned from your mistakes, but you can only move on if you forgive it.

# 3 Don’t find a new man

Listen, sure, finding a new guy may be okay with you as a bandage, but it won’t help you get your ex-boyfriend back. You should make him jealous in a smarter way. For example, he should see men mingling around you, but don’t let him see that you found someone. Don’t post silly, drunk party pictures on Facebook of yourself making out with some random guy.

This definitely won’t help, he will just hate you and he will feel hurt, almost like you are cheating on him. Instead … he needs to see that you are still emotionally available for him, you just need some space and time to heal after your breakup. Tip him that you might get back together, but don’t attack him because of it. Give him space and see how he reacts.

# 4 Change yourself

See, if you mean this guy and you want him in your life, then you have to change. Changing may not be easy, but it is necessary if you want your relationship to be better than it was last time. It’s easy. If you keep doing what you did, you will get the same results over and over again. So don’t expect a happy ending super happy ending if you’re not ready to do things differently than you did before, or you’ll just break down again.

Find out what messed up your relationship and work on it. Were you too moody, moody, jealous, demanding, insane, nailing all day, not giving him his place and his freedom, disrespectful, got fat, turned out to be another guy or you just sucked into bed? Whatever it was – fix it. He needs to see that you are making progress after staying for about a month; suddenly you became a different person. But do it for you, not for him. As soon as he sees how much different you have become, he will wish that you never break up in the first place, he will want to give it all another chance.

# 5 initiate contact

Now is the time to get back in touch with your ex. It depends on; maybe you haven’t seen each other or talked for months or even a year. Maybe you just broke up two weeks ago and everything is still very emotional and fresh. Either way, you can’t come back with him over the phone so you have to see each other.

My suggestion, from a male perspective, to have sex as soon as they meet again might be a wrong choice. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, it’s good to make everything look new and different. If he failed, and that’s why you broke up, you shouldn’t make it easy for yourself to get back together. Throw up a temptation.

He must desire you very much. Be sexy and provocative, but don’t sleep together when you first gather together to see if he wants to get back together or not. Make him think of you. Drop a hook and make him feel terrible when he sees how much you’ve improved, how good you are, how sexy you look, and how your life takes a different direction. Don’t try to fake it. He knows you and he knows if you are full of crap or not.

Change yourself for the better; let him see this and he’ll want to be part of it. But you won’t let it back into your world overnight – even if you get it back. They both need some time to appreciate each other other than sex. And when the sex comes, it should be better. But don’t be clingy again and don’t call him every day after – love again – take your time instead. Let him think about you and worry a little.

You had sex but do you want to get back together or not? Let him wonder and guess, let him compare you to other women he might have been with since you were separated. He will soon realize what a mistake he made, and he will never want to make that mistake again.

The point is not just that you get your ex back, but that you KEEP him. Oftentimes people only have sex once or twice, but things don’t work and they break up again. So don’t take anything for granted. Make sure he has the best night of his life when your makeup but don’t fall into your “old” relationship with your ex afterward, but – create something new.

Do it differently. All of the bad experiences you’ve had with him in the past, anything that reminds you of those not-so-happy experiences – tries to avoid them. Change your home if you can move around, have some tangible things that are different, clothes, your perfume, anything that makes him feel like with a new you, a better you, that he will never let go want no matter what.

When you meet for dinner or coffee, whatever, don’t talk about the past, why did you split up and stuff. Ask him what’s new in his life, how he’s doing, maybe remind him of something beautiful that only you know about him, that you can both laugh about it. Keep the conversation bright. Super-emotional, could-a, would-a, should-some stuff will only get you where you have been.

Then and there, don’t analyze, discuss, or talk about negative things. Turn the page. Keep going in a new direction. It is your ex-boyfriend who becomes your new girlfriend, it’s you – his ex-girlfriend who becomes a new girlfriend. Give each other a clean slate. When you leave the place, don’t kiss. Give him a deep look, let your eyes, not your mouth, say: I love you.

Let him see it, but don’t say it. Tell him you had a great time and that you could meet … he’ll feel like his leg was chopped off because he didn’t kiss, but he’ll know you want more, that maybe there is a new, bright future for both of you. All night he turns around in bed thinking about how beautiful you are and how much he wants to come back with you. I’m not saying that you should be freezing when you gather together, on the contrary, be cold, but a little bit mysterious, make him wonder.

Don’t just bring it to his face that you still love him and that you want him back. Be stronger than your feelings. Give the whole “back together” process some time; Make a good foundation for that future that you will build together.

# 6 The night of his life

Okay, as I mentioned, eventually end up with you or yours and undress. That night will decide whether you get it back or not. I know that sounds superficial, but it’s the truth.

Men compare living things and whether you want him or not, he will subconsciously compare you to other women in his life. Maybe he’s dating a new girl right now, and that’s what you need to get him back from. How do you make sure this won’t be just a one-night stand with your ex-boyfriend?

You have to be overwhelming. Everything about you has to pierce his mind. From your underwear to your smell, your appearance, your soft skin, all your energy, and aura, he has to take him to a level that he didn’t know was possible. The moment he climaxes is the moment he will imagine how brilliant you are and how stupid he was to ever leave you.

This can put pressure on you and make you feel confident, and it should. The fact is, by conquering what’s in his pants, you win a man’s heart like no other woman ever could. Everything after that is easier. This night too must be different from the past. It shouldn’t remind you too much of the time you were together before, it has to be better.

So it is ideal if you do it yourself because then you can prepare something, you can make the atmosphere fantastic. Anything you haven’t done in the past but know he loves it, now is the time to get started on the program. You never spoke to him when you were together before? Are you too shy to talk dirty? Are you hiding under the covers?

Think about what better way you could do to show him the best night of his life with you and you will triple your chances of getting him back.

Hate anything you want to tell you, but it’s what works and what has worked for thousands of women around the world who have come back and kept their exes.

# 7 Don’t take anything for granted

Seems like you’re getting it back. You’ve seen each other a couple of times and it’s going well. It seems like everything is working fine! But wait and think about it. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all is well now and that you are fine … maybe not. People who get back together tend to go back to their old, real ways because they haven’t made real, fundamental changes in their lives.

It was just a mask. Watch out like you’re both going back to your old ways of arguing and dealing with problems, you’ll come back to where you were – other than that. Don’t let that happen. Don’t be lazy or take it for granted. The first few weeks he’s back together, as well as the first few weeks when he’s most likely to “run for his life” and leave you or just decide that you never got back together.

How can you prevent that? Change yourself. Make him change too. If you get better, you have a right to expect him to get better too. Build a relationship where you grow together and improve as individuals and partners, not as enemies slowing each other’s progress. It’s not yours and never will be, not even if you both have a ring on your finger, so don’t think of it as something you have a right to like, like a car or your shoes.

It can go, and likely will if you treat it as your property. Instead, think of them as a customer. You want to turn your friend into a loyal customer who is not forced to buy in your store but likes to “buy” in your store because he is treated better than elsewhere. He then grows to need you, loves you, and have you – every day.

There’s more to getting your ex back than this post, of course. Every situation is different and requires a slightly different approach. Hopefully, at least one tip from above will ring a bell and bring you closer on your way to getting Mr. Right back where he should be with you, the perfect girlfriend for him. When you get it back don’t take it for granted – a relationship … love … is something to work on and hold on so the fire burns, if you just leave it unattended it will either go out or go out proportioning and burning a whole forest.

Laziness is the reason most relationships fail, and that’s what happens when people take each other for granted. Don’t be one of those couples. Take the initiative, if not you can! I believe in you.