My Life, My Job, My Career: How 6 simple ways to earn extra money helped me succeed

Being a student one of the biggest challenges I faced was how to earn extra money without opting for a formal part-time job. Even if paying the tuition or basic living expense is not a problem. In order to have recreational life as a student one always needs extra funds. What if you want to join an exchange program abroad but short on money? You won’t like to miss a lifetime experience. Extra ways of earning can always come to rescue.

These lessons that I learned as a college student comes as a helping hand when I started working full time after graduation. I would like to share my experience and observation of my peers with you. Since sharing enhance positivity.

Sell your skill!

In this age of interdisciplinary education, a university student is always equipped with first-hand expertise in multiple subjects. For instance, an English major has taken courses in politics or philosophy. Likewise s STEM major can take poetry classes. These diverse skills can help you to offer online tutoring. There are plentiful sites one can find with mere googling. Where high school kids are actively looking for tutors.

It can be either Maths or Science. Or else if you know multiple languages that can be an asset. I tutored English to non-native speakers. And managed to earn well especially with sites like these. Which prepare lesson plans and gradings for you. All you have to do is teach. They paid me on an hourly basis. And I didn’t have to face the hassle of preparing lessons for students while I had my own fair share of course load. I still teach online with my full-time job at weekends. With such a trouble-free work, earning extra bucks always feel good.

Take advantage of what you own

Even if it’s a house your parents own or an apartment you bought with your hard-earned money. There are ways to convert them into a source of valuable income. You can rent a room out for Airbnb and get a fair amount especially if your location is in the tourist-friendly area. No need to worry about annoying guests. Airbnb provides you coverage and you can always check the rating before renting the place. So an extra income through this channel without having to work is a perk. We had an extra room upstairs in a tourist-friendly city. And we never ran short of guests to rent it out. After finishing my studies and landing a good job, it continues to provide us an extra sum of money.

Interested in driving?

While I didn’t try it myself but saw my friends earning a good amount of money with apps like Uber. You can set a time table as per your own feasibility or amount of driving. Like if you are an all-nighter, you can drive late at night without feeling isolated in the presence of some chatty clients that you might get. Or you can do it on weekends.

Are you social media savvy?

Having a knack for traveling, photography, cooking or fashion? Setting up a social media profile on Youtube, or Instagram can work in ways other than socializing too.

If you are good at bringing in innovative makeup tips or a foodie trying new recipes. A Youtube channel can become a viable source of income. For popular topics, it’s not hard to acquire subscriptions if you run your channel smartly and add some unique flavor.

Likewise, a traveler with photography skills can make their Instagram page marketable with the right strategies. It takes time but it’s worthwhile once you succeed in becoming a social media influencer. Many companies seek to advertise their products through social media and need brand ambassadors. The reason is advertising on mainstream media can be expensive. Also, public engagement on social media is increasing than the mainstream one. So with little money, grabbing more attention is becoming a vogue. A social media influencer can earn with every click on Youtube video or Instagram posts/stories.

Since we all have some hobbies in college life, and there can be ways to sell them. And that can continue in professional life as well. One always has time for lunches with friends, traveling on vacations or trying recipes over the weekend.

Keep selling or renting old used stuff

It can be your furniture, your car, kids’ toys or even old movies. You can utilize them by either selling or renting them. There are numerous online applications varying by country to country that specialize in renting or selling such products. So time to time it will help you make some extra bucks.

Part-time or extra time?

It depends if you are a student or working. If nothing else works, part-time jobs in student life and making overtime in professional life always work. If it doesn’t interfere in your personal life or add extra workload. For some, it brings relief by bringing in extra money. And who doesn’t like extra cash without having to put as much effort?


These were some of my experiences and observations that I have shared with you. But the scope of earning extra money isn’t limited to these. One can always do some self-search and find out what they are good at. And sell that skill, believe me, nothing is useless. It only requires a bit of motivation and wisdom to transform a skill into a monetary benefit. These extra bucks always helped me succeed in my student life and carried me well during professional one as well.

To expedite your work routine you can always use employee monitoring software such as this It helps you stay disciplined. So multitasking may not affect your productivity. This will provide you a bigger picture of how you are conducting your routine. Also it provides you with the room for improvement so your money flow never gets disrupted.