6 Tips To Reconnect With Your Ex On Whatsapp

It can be distressing when a relationship ends.
The person you could always talk to or do something nice with was your soul mate.
The contract between you isn’t over just because you’re not together.
There are ways to connect with your or your ex with the right strategy.
This can be done in a world where everyone is connected through communication channels.
You will get various tips and tricks on how to get your ex back via a variety of methods.
It’s so important to read quickly.
This article contains what you will learn.
There is a step-by-step guide to connect with your ex.
When trying to keep in touch with your ex via chat, there are some mistakes you should never make.
It’s not necessary to texting your ex every day.
If your ex has deleted or blocked you on the messaging service, you can do better.
There are 6 ways to get your ex back.
And quite a bit more.

The first trick is to polish up your online image.


You might feel the need to check your ex’s status after falling out of love.
You decide to share your feelings on social media.
You want your ex to see it.
That would be a big mistake.
Messages written out of self-pity should not be posted.
It’s better to post positive and confident photos online, instead of showing everyone how sad you are.
You can give your ex a chance to see you.
You will be labeled as easy to get if you make yourself seem too available.
That isn’t attractive.
If you want to increase your chances of success, you should choose a better profile picture.
A photo says a lot.
It will catch your ex’s attention if you look good.
It’s important to come across as attractive and fun in your photo.
Can’t take a good photo.
If you want a photographer to take photos of you, use photo editors or ask.
How likely are you to get your ex back?
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Don’t try to get in touch for the first few weeks.

Immediately after one of you has broken up, the temptation is very high to text your ex again.
You could ask your ex to try again.
It doesn’t make a difference what you say.
A normal conversation is not possible because the emotions are still fresh.
For the first few weeks after you broke up, hold back a little.
It’s normal when a relationship ends.
The same goes for your ex, you need some time to get over your feelings.
If you want to put a temporary no-contact with each other, give each other space.
You may still have feelings for your former partner after regaining control of your emotions.
It’s time to get in touch again after that.
It will take at least a month.
It’s possible that your ex isn’t aware of his or her feelings yet.
The situation doesn’t get any easier because of your ex’s back.
You can react if your ex contacts you.
You should wait a few hours before reacting, that’s what I mean.
Even if you need to respond immediately, it’s best to wait.

Rebuild contact slowly is a trick.

Hold them if you’ve worked up the courage to send a message on the messaging service.
Don’t say, “I missed you so much, please come back to me,” or anything like that.
This will ruin your chances and scare him or her away.
It’s a good idea to approach it like you’ve only seen a few people before.
You just wanted to know how the person is doing.
It’s been awhile since you’ve spoken to your ex.
It’s important to show interest in what’s going on with your ex.
Let us know that you are doing well.
Don’t go into everything you’ve been up to for the last few weeks when he or she asks, keep it a little vague.
He or she should do some work to get you the information.
If your ex sees you depressed, he or she will not be happy.
Try to keep the vibe flirtatious.
Sending messages that are reproachful to your ex will reopen old wounds.
This is very dangerous for your conversation.
If you want to get back in touch with your ex, you should only use the messaging service.
You can suggest that you meet up if you find that this is going well.
Is your former partner responding to this?
Act like nothing happened when you ignore it.
If you want to try again in a week or two, slowly build up the tension.

Don’t seem too desperate is the fourth trick.

In the art of ex back messaging, there is no use in sending a bunch of gibberish.
When they see an ex who texts all the time, they don’t think, “Oh, I want to get back with that person.”
If your ex doesn’t respond within 10 minutes, be patient and don’t get angry.
You need to know that you are no longer the most important person in your ex’s life.
Your ex isn’t likely to reply to your messages immediately because of this.
No matter how painful it may be, you have to accept that.
You prevent your ex from ignoring you completely by staying calm.
Wait at least 48 hours if you get a message from your ex and he doesn’t reply.
Send a message that says “I didn’t humiliate you”.
You shouldn’t send a message every hour if the contact is going well.
The charm is lost at that point.
It will get on your ex’s nerves quickly.
The frequencies should be paid special attention to.
It can ruin the sexual tension between you if you keep messaging your ex and not giving him a chance to reply.
If you have just reconnected, keep the number of messages low.
It is more than enough to start a conversation once every three days.
You want to be with your ex.
A lot of self-mockery can be included in the conversation.
Try to be friendly.
Are you making food?
Your ex’s cooking skills don’t stand a chance against this if you take a picture and write it down.
You will have a reason to have a nice meal if your ex responds well to this.

Avoid using a lot of smileys.

You have to face the fact that you are no longer your ex’s love.
Two people who know each other have hardly any contact with each other.
You don’t send a lot of kissable smileys to a friend, do you?
It’s not a good idea to do this in your chats with your ex.
It’s not a good idea to give your ex a wrong impression when you come up with love references right away.
It’s likely that he or she will be very uncomfortable doing this.
The situation is complicated unnecessarily by it.
If you click on the message you want to remove, then press the trash can icon, you will be able to undone your messages within 69 minutes.
What do you think should be sent instead of a bunch of letters?
You can use funny e- cards.
The funny situations that you experienced with your ex are referred to with callback humor.
The small details are what make the difference in situations like this.
Let me show you an example.
Maybe you went to a party with your ex and when you got home you noticed that he still had toilet paper under his shoe.
That made you laugh at the same time.
You can take this situation up in a chat.
You don’t start from scratch.
The subject should not be broached until there is a clue.
If your ex tells you that he or she is going out for the night, you can say, “Have fun!”
The toilet paper should be left at the bar.
If he or she has a sense of humor, your ex will have a laugh here.
Callback humor works, but make sure you dose it right.

Request a meeting is a trick.

It shouldn’t be your goal to chat only with your ex.
You actually want to meet your ex in real life and that’s the only reason you’re sending messages back and forth.
If something can happen between you again, then you have to find out.
A meeting is needed if you want your ex to fall in love with you again.
You can suggest that you go out for a meal or a drink if you feel like you have good contact again.
If you want to meet in a nice coffee shop, make an appointment.
You can see each other and exchange ideas.
Show that you are doing well and you will get a lot of laughs.
It is possible to work wonders with a smile and a confident demeanor.
When your relationship is stable again, be flirtatious.

Is it a good idea or a flop to check WhatsApp from your ex?

It’s important to keep in touch with your friends and family no matter where you are.
WhatsApp makes keeping in touch easy, but that can also be a problem.
If you sent a message to an ex, but they didn’t reply, what would you do?
This can be hard to take.
Shouldn’t we reply to the message at some point?
I agree!
You can do things differently, that’s why you can be crazy with read receipts.
Is it possible to just turn off the read receipts?
The box for ‘Read Receipts’ should be checked when you go to settings – account – privacy.
The feature will be turned off for all conversations.
People can’t see if you read their message
There are a few things that can’t be done.
You can’t turn off read receipts in group chats and you can’t see others’ read receipts after you’ve issued yours.

It is necessary to refresh the status of the messaging service.

You can send a photo to ‘My Status’ on WhatsApp.
A nice photo or quote is what you should put on your profile on the messaging service.
For the next 24 hours, each of your contacts will see this status.
If your ex is still interested in you, this is the best way to find it.
Under the photo, it says’seen by’.
There are people who have seen your photo.
Maybe your ex will also be there.
It’s possible to do the same with your ex.
Your ex can see who looked at their status.
When your ex blocked you on the messaging service.
Your ex blocked you on the messaging application.
So what?
When you send a message, you only get a tick if you have a profile picture on the platform.
You are being blocked, that’s what everything points to.
This isn’t a good sign from your former partner.
It will make it more difficult to win her back.
You need to stop following your ex immediately.
Don’t follow people just because you can’t get in touch with them on social media.
You can be certain that your ex doesn’t want you to contact him or her because he or she has blocked you.
You are showing that you don’t respect his or her boundaries by using another number or social media.
The situation is worse because of that.
Why did your ex block you?
When things were going well between you and your ex, it leaves you frustrated.
At all times, be calm.
There are possibilities why your ex blocked you.
It’s too painful for your ex to see you on the internet.
Sometimes no contact is better than bad contact because your ex doesn’t want to hurt you.
Your ex may want to stay away from you, instead of having awkward conversations.
The easiest way to avoid interaction is blocking.
If you cheated on your ex, he can block you from hurting or annoying him.
This hurts the most if you want your ex back, because he has a new partner.
Your ex doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.
You will be deleted from their life if he or she blocks you.
After your ex decided to block you, you might have had an argument onWhatsApp.
It’s usually temporary in most cases.
It’s important to respect the no contact rule if you’ve been blocked by your ex.
You can’t communicate with your ex through any medium anymore.
Ex was not supposed to be sent back messages.
It’s not a good idea to give likes on social media.
You need to be completely off the radar.
It’s the only way to be happy again.
It’s a good idea to give your ex a chance to see you.
It’s incredibly difficult and it hurts.
When you’ve been blocked, it’s the best strategy.
There are more reasons why your ex doesn’t want contact here.

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