Hello, my name is Shay, and I would like to welcome you to Improve-Yourself.info. This site is dedicated to different areas of personal development. I believe a person can change himself and change his life. Too many people are sitting in their homes on their butt, watching their TVs and complaining about their miserable lives. They blame bad luck or another external source that made their life the way they are. Nothing good comes from dodging our responsibility for our lives. I say, stop the complaining and start the journey forward. Improve yourself and change your life. Improve your life. I hope you are reading this because you have decided to start the journey for your personal development and I want to say GOOD LUCK! In this site, you will find articles and tools destined to help you achieve your goals, quickly and thoroughly. This is an ongoing site; I will add material over time.

In this site, you will find articles and tools destined to help you achieve your goals, quickly and thoroughly. This is an ongoing site; I will add material over time.

When I was a child I was shy, I was suffering from or social phobia. When you are a shy child, nobody takes you to the doctor. Everybody thinks it kind of cute, and nobody noticed there is a problem to solve. The worst thing about social phobia is the avoidance – the subject can stand the anxiety symptoms, so he tries to avoid them at all cost. Every simple encounter, like a birthday party for example or school trip and even family encounters, brings out the anxiety and therefore the subject tries to avoid all these encounters. In this case, the “subject” was me… I grew up lonely and with only a few activities. I wasted a large part of my teenage years watching TV and dreaming. Of course, no girlfriend can and very few friends.

Over time the anxiety goes down but the evidence habits are there for good if you don’t know how to change them.
I was really convinced this how my life is going to look like. I lost hope. Sometimes when you are deep in the mud, you can’t see any other options before you. Your mind fixates on a specific action and you are stuck.

Fortunate for me around the age of 23 two good things happened. I found a good therapist that gave me a new perspective on things and helped me change my paradigms. The second thing was meeting my soon to be wife, that loved me exactly as I was, with my anxiety, avoidance, and many other defects 🙂

The journey I made from avoiding life to fully functional, a life enjoying person was the reason I made this site. I truly believe change is possible. You can turn your life upside down. You only need to learn how to do that. I hope my site will help you make a change and make the most out of your life.

GOOD LUCK and enjoy my site


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avatar for Aimee ReeseAimee Reese

Aimee Reese is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), known for her compassionate, results-driven approach to living a happier, healthier life. Her specialty is helping clients find the perfect balance without allowing one’s ambitions to take precedence over their personal wellness and vice versa. Ultimately, her mantra is “You have the power to choose” and she strives to empower others to effectively exercise this innate power for their greater good.
A longtime sufferer of Fibromyalgia, Aimee is working towards obtaining her Fibromyalgia Coaching Certification from the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute. Along with her journey of healing and transformation, she has attained a harmonious balance between her life, career, nutrition, and Fibromyalgia, and is now living a much healthier and infinitely more fulfilling lifestyle, which is exactly why she has made it her mission to help others pave the path to both longevity and prosperity.
Furthermore, Aimee is working on becoming a Certified Wellness Coach through the Catalyst Coaching Institute and is enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
To find your perfect balance and your superpower to choose, reach out to Aimee Reese today!
Check out Aimee site: https://www.aimeereese.com/

avatar for Alex BrianAlex Brian

Alex Brian is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As Hawaiian resident, he loves beaches and bathing in the sun. That's where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Alex co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.

avatar for Aza EnigmaAza Enigma

Aza Enigma is an author, blogger, and after felony life coach. She's also a hard-working, homeschooling, momma of one and a lifelong student of psychology. Find her blog The Friendly Felon for more content like this!

avatar for Christene JacksonChristene Jackson

Christene Jackson is the owner of Intentional Synergy and is a trained special educator and educational leader who runs a life coaching and personal/professional development training company, a real estate investing company and an e-commerce site. Christene writes a blog on success and motivation and is in the process of completing her second book. She offers online coaching programs and training in the areas of parenting, personal growth and development, small business development and she takes great pride in her series on supporting children with special needs through the educational process.
Learn more about Intentional Synergy at

avatar for James BarretJames Barret

James Barrett is a passionate writer who writes mostly about tech with a focus on Apple’s products, news, and reviews. Currently, he’s a contributing author at Apple Pit.

avatar for Jeremy MeyerJeremy Meyer

Jeremy Meyer is the creator of LifeEvolvingEveryDay.com. He suffered a lot in the first 30 years
of his life. By the time he got to high school…he’d been through eight moves and being bullied
repeatedly. Plus his mom had already remarried twice. This caused him to have major
insecurities, fear and social anxiety for most of his life. Even still, he earned his Bachelor’s
degree in Psychology and then moved cross country to pursue an acting career in Los
Angeles. After many years pushing this career he thought he wanted, he felt completely stuck.
Along the way, he become increasingly interested in personal development and spirituality. This
lead to various small shifts in his personal awareness and confidence. At 32 years old, he felt
he’d come a long way. But he was still stuck in a crap job and constantly going to acting
auditions that rarely panned out. Deep down he knew he needed to find a new career path…
but what? His discovery of ayahuasca gave him hope for new answers. He ended up traveled
to Peru to attend an ayahuasca retreat. This was truly the most transformative and powerfully
impactful experience of his life. It massively shifted his consciousness and allowed him to see
himself and the world around him in new magnificent ways.
He has since developed true passion for increasingly learning about what it really means to be a
human, how to evolve and grow on an individual basis and how to become as aware, authentic
and empowered as possible. And he decided to help others attain similar internal shifts in their
lives without going to the extreme of an ayahuasca ceremony.
Now Jeremy is a certified life coach who is focused on helping people become awesomely
authentic while creating success on their own terms.
Check out LifeEvolvingEveryDay.com for more information.

avatar for Judy MauraJudy Maura

I believe that each person is unique. After receiving my undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, I continued my studies at The Columbia University Premedical Postbaccalaureate Program. My life-long passion for holistic healing led me to Naturopathic Medicine and Branding

avatar for Richard HarrisRichard Harris

Richard Harris is a life coach based in London, UK

Find out more about his life coaching practice here

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Stafftimerapp.com is an AI-driven time tracking solution that uses artificial intelligence to assist employers with real-time team monitoring. It also offers advanced and intelligent reporting and task assignment via voice clips. Staff Timer Application is a relatively young one into the market but has caught on to the ongoing trends quite quickly.

avatar for Stephanie JamesStephanie James

Stephanie James is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics; from sleep health, fitness and overall wellness to lifestyle. When she’s not writing she’s traveling – and has mastered the art of sleep from not only the sky, but any time zone. If you want more tips and insight on sleep health and wellness, you can read more of her work here.