ACM Vitix Regulating Gel – UPDATED 2021 – How To Use & More!

While there are hundreds of products available in the market for vitiligo treatment, people are often skeptical about giving them a try because most of them make false claims and barely make a dent in the vitiligo. ACM offers a range of treatments for depigmented skin, one of them being the Vitix Regulating Gel often recommended for those who want to regain a uniform complexion.

In this post, we take a closer look at this product and try to understand its usage and effectiveness to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

ACM Vitix Gel Review – UPDATED 2021

ACM Laboratoire Dermatologique is a French pharmaceutical and dermatological company that offers a large number of medications and topical products for different skin types and problems including itching, sun protection, anti-aging, and a lot more. ACM’s line of products for depigmented skin consists of Viticolor corrective gel, Vitix tablets that protect against oxidative stress, and Vitix gel that acts as a regulator for depigmented skin.

ACM Vitix Regulating Gel

The Vitix pigmentation-regulating gel is a face and body care product that acts as a regulator for skins with vitiligo. The product is formulated with its patented melon extract that is high in antioxidants. The antioxidant activity gets rid of excess hydrogen peroxide to achieve a balance of melanin-producing cells in the vitiligo areas.

Vitix is a non-greasy, opaque gel with a granular structure and microbeads that protect its active ingredient that releases onto the skin upon application. The gel makes no false claims and is based on clinical results. While the website states that there is currently no total cure available for vitiligo, it makes a claim that Vitix can increase the probability of achieving repigmentation by 50 percent. This is a realistic claim as compared to most other topical products in the market.

ACM Vitix Regulating Gel 50ML

Most topical treatments available for pigmented skin are formulated with steroid hormones to calm inflammation. However, ACM Vitix regulating gel is made differently and takes a different approach. It works by increasing the antioxidant levels in the vitiligo skin to reduce the hydrogen peroxide. This shows effective results as oxidative stress is a significant aspect of vitiligo.

Rather than trying to restore color by producing pigment or soothing inflammation, Vitix helps regulate the activity of melanocytes. It works on the skin to promote an environment in which pigment cells can function well. It does this with its powerful antioxidant properties. The best part about this gel is that it contains no photosensitizing ingredients or steroids. The company has tested it with children as young as three years to confirm its safety.

The studies conducted on this product show that regular application can successfully prevent the progression of depigmentation and provide satisfactory repigmentation in most cases. The main ingredient in Vitix gel is Cucumis Melo fruit extract and it also contains other ingredients like propylene glycol, water and more. The antioxidant-rich plant extract reduces the excess hydrogen peroxide in the vitiligo skin to help normalize melanin production.

How To Use Vitix Gel?

Vitix gel is easy to apply and does not stain or smell. It is opaque, nongreasy, and has a granular appearance. You are likely to experience a grainy feel when applied to the skin. The grains are microspheres that contain natural enzymes and protect them to help with repigmentation. Clinical studies suggest that it shows proven results and is well-tolerated in most people without any side effects. The fluid texture makes it easy to apply and it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Vitix gel should be applied onto and around affected areas 1-2 times a day by gently massaging into the skin in a circular motion until it is absorbed well. Once the gel penetrates, a regular skincare cream can be applied over it. The patient should continue the treatment for a period of 3-6 months.

The treatment can be used with phototherapy for better results. It can also be used without concern alongside UV treatment. When used with heliotherapy or phototherapy on a regular basis, the product can help slow the progression of depigmentation.

Vitix Gel Before & After

Vitix regulating gel has been tested by 10 clinical studies and shown effective results with a probability of 50 percent to see signs of repigmentation. Real-life users have reported noticeable results in only a few weeks of application. Like any other treatment, a number of users may not respond to Vitix gel, but most others have found it to be effective. The pictures of users before treatment and those showing repigmentation after a few weeks or months of usage prove the effectiveness of the product.

Vitix Gel Before And After

When Vitix gel is used on affected areas on a regular basis, results can be seen between months 2-4 of use. Users can see repigmentation as round patches or a uniform color depending on whether the melanocytes are present or not in the affected area. It helps with rapid repigmentation if used for a course of 3-6 months under the guidance of a dermatologist. For best results, the treatment should be combined with phototherapy.