Beaten Ex Girlfriend Why You Should Never Do This And Solutions

A break-up in a relationship and the loss of a loved one is a very emotional matter that is very similar to the death of a loved one.
There are a lot of feelings.
It’s not easy to deal with it in the right way.
It can lead to extremely negative and dire consequences if one does not channel this feeling properly.
It can happen that in the heated battle of words, you will hit your ex-girlfriend, even if you want her back because you miss her so much.
You can imagine yourself if you hit your ex Freundin.
I’m going to explain in detail why hitting your ex isn’t a good idea, and I’m also going to show you how to vent your frustration healthily.
Adults can find other ways to process their emotions without hitting other people.
I will give you a description here.
There are three reasons why you shouldn’t hit your ex.
There are 3 solutions to get rid of my anger.

There are three reasons why you shouldn’t hit your ex.

It’s almost crazy that I have to explain to someone that they shouldn’t hit other people, but if you look at everyday life, it’s often necessary.
People can’t lose control of themselves and lead to actions that they would like to reverse.
It makes sense to look at the problem from different angles.
Even though everyone is aware that you shouldn’t hit others, it’s still possible to ask yourself why.
When it is already too late, hitting someone has far-reaching consequences.
There are several reasons I would like to address.
You hurt someone that you care about.
There is very little chance that you will get your ex back.
It is a criminal offense to hit someone.
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You’re hurting someone that you care about.

Chances are high that you’d like to have your ex back if you discovered this website.
This also means that you are still in love with him.
You don’t want to hurt them when you love them.
When you hit your ex, you do that.
It hurts physically to hit someone.
You probably won’t hold back if you hit someone in a highly emotional state.
The beatings will be painful.
The person concerned will probably survive.
Physical pain is the least of your problems when you hit your ex-girlfriend.
The consequences are more serious.
You are an ex-lover of your ex’s, someone she once had a very personal and intimate relationship with, someone she used to trust completely.
This will not remain without consequences if you suddenly meet him or her with physical violence.
Severe psychological problems can be caused by traumatic experiences.
Trust issues and a constant feeling of anxiety are what you should think about.
Severe depression and sleep problems are part of this.
The consequences for the person who was hit can be far-reaching.
If you lose your self-control for a second, you can end up with a lot of trouble.
You don’t want to do that to him or her when you love someone.
You don’t want to do that to your ex-lover.
Because a punch is dealt with quickly and easily, but living with consequences is a different matter, you should control yourself.

It is vanishingly small to have a chance of getting your ex back.

The website is dedicated to getting your ex back.
You want to get back into a relationship with your ex.
The probability that this will succeed is more than you think.
Your chances of renting will be ruined if you hit your ex.
You’ll never be able to win your ex back if you’ve done that.
Show your ex you’re wrong.
If you hit her, you’re showing that you don’t have control over your emotions and that can make you violent.
Your ex doesn’t want something like this to happen again, and she has no guarantee that it won’t happen again.
No one wants to be in an abusive relationship.
Trust is the basis of any relationship and if you hit your ex, you will destroy it.
Your ex will never feel safe with you again, even though you will never hit her again because it has already happened.
There won’t be a healthy relationship between you.

It is a criminal offense to hit someone.

It’s also understandable that this third reason is a little selfish.
If you hit your ex-girlfriend, you could be in big trouble.
You’ve got a serious problem if you treat a woman badly, whether it’s an ex-girlfriend or not.
You will be held accountable for hitting someone.
There are severe penalties for hitting someone.
You can get three years in prison for a single punch.
It will turn into four years in prison if you blow and cause major physical damage.
It is possible to be fined up to 20,000.
You probably won’t want to risk it if you hate your ex from the bottom of your heart.
The criminal law background is only part of the points mentioned.
There’s more money to be lost when the civil law is used.
Compensation can be substantial for physical harm, medical expenses, or medication.
The last reason shouldn’t be mentioned.
You’re an extremely cold-blooded and calculating person if you don’t hit someone just because you might end up in jail.
The implications are undoubtedly significant, so I thought it was worthwhile to address this as well.

There are 3 solutions to get rid of my frustration.

‘I hit her!’
You would rather not think about it.
I hope you know that hitting your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is not a good idea.
You should know why if this was not the case.
You can’t win that person over again if you hurt someone you love.
To act like an adult and not raise your hand is a reason.
The problems aren’t over, that’s for sure.
You will need to work through your frustration with your ex.
They will break out and discharge themselves in some form if you just eat these feelings into yourself.
The only question is how you can give these feelings some outlet.
The rest of this article will be about that question.
I will show you some ways to let go of your frustration.
It’s never a good excuse for violence to be frustrated.
The likelihood that it will eventually vent uncontrollably decreases if you can reduce the amount of frustration.
The following tips are a good idea.
Seek help with your mental health.
There are violent computer games.
destroy something

The first solution is to get psychological assistance.

The majority of people like to close their eyes and skip straight to the next tip.
I know that you are annoyed by this.
You might be wondering if you should seek psychological help.
Only sick people do it.
Are you telling me I’m insane?
Of course, I can’t make a diagnosis from here, but you may be suffering from a mental problem.
This can be seen as a psychological problem if you don’t have enough control over your feelings and are prone to violence.
Other people don’t have to physically abuse others because they can solve their problems with words.
You don’t need to be ashamed of your mental problem.
The topic is stigmatized.
Most people don’t seek help for psychological problems because of that.
They don’t like to deal with their problems because they fear being seen as crazy.
This strategy does not work.
If you ignore your mental health problems, they will catch up with you sooner or later.
One of them is hitting your ex.
You should not be ashamed of asking for psychological help.
You face problems and want to work on them.

There is a solution to violent computer games.

Even though violent computer games have a reputation for making players more violent, this tip may surprise you.
The American gun industry has dreamed up a lot of lies.
To divert attention from the real problem of violence, a story was created.
People will not beat up other people if they watch a film with a lot of violent scenes.
In reality, violent computer games can help reduce your frustration.
Sometimes you need an outlet to get rid of your emotions, and computer games can be that outlet.
It is much less likely that you will hit someone after playing away from your negative feelings.
You can use special games to beat your ex.

The third solution is to destroy something.

It is possible to break something to release frustration.
You can vent your feelings if you smash something.
You will be less aggressive after that.
It is possible to destroy an old machine, a few boxes, or a table.
Obeying the law is what you have to do.
tearing apart the nearest bus shelter will make you in trouble.
This is not a good idea, not only because it is not a good idea, but also because it is a crime.

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