Branding For The Self-Employed As A Competitive Advantage


Good branding is not a nice-to-have, but a real success factor and competitive advantage

Sometimes I feel very sad when I hear that self-employed branding or brand design is something that is luxury. Nice-to-have, but not necessary if you start your own business.

Let me tell you tough: Today it is no longer enough to be good at what you do and then to hope that your customers will find you on their own. What you need is a strong, clear branding that anchors you in the minds of your desired customers and that communicates your value for your target group in a crystal-clear manner.

The problem with visibility

Make your business visible

When you start with your business idea, in most cases you are not known as a colorful dog, but you have to work hard for your visibility in the market. In today’s flood of information, it may be that at the beginning you like to get lost among your competitors and the abundance of offers and are not noticed. The worst-case scenario for you and your business: Because you need paying customers to keep your business going.

Besides, nowadays a plethora of countless options does not make it easy for us to make a decision for or against the other service provider. So you have to make it easy for your potential customers to choose yourself and your offer. And this happens in particular if you do not sell via the hard facts (price, features, product features, etc.), but through emotions.

Branding as a competitive advantage for the self-employed

Your clear, strong branding creates the decisive competitive advantage that pushes your business forward. From wallflower to business with a wow factor! Your customers will come to you and would like to work with you because they will immediately understand the value of your service. They know what you can do for them, what transformation you offer them.

Good branding also helps you with so many things. Let me give you some impulses for your business:

01 – Personal branding

People like to buy from people. The person behind the brand, the business, is at least as important as the range of services or products. We want to learn more about the people who run a business. We want to know what moves them, what made them start their company, and what their values and motivation are.

With your branding, you show yourself as a personal brand and people come to the fore. You are your business and your business is you. With your distinctive personality, you shape the image that your prospects have in your mind. With personal branding, you create the trust that turns your prospects into customers, because they don’t buy from anyone. No, they buy from you because they value you as a person and share the same values ​​and visions.

02 – Differentiation from competitors

It is particularly challenging to be visible with your business online. You have a huge, almost endless group of people to whom you could sell something on the net. But the crux is: First of all, you have to be able to find her. In addition to a website and a presence on social media, it is therefore important for you to stand out from your competitors and not to run under “everything has been there” or “who was it again”. Your branding and brand design catapult you from the shadow into the spotlight by clearly conveying your values, advantages, and benefits. And since it is tailored exactly to your target group, you can easily reach them. 

03 – Show authenticity

What is authenticity? What does it mean to be authentic? “Such content is considered authentic if both aspects of perception, immediate appearance, and actual being, are found to agree,” Wikipedia describes. Colloquially, it is said that something is authentic if it corresponds to the facts and is therefore credible.

What does this mean for you or your branding? Good branding aims to show yourself the way you are. It’s not about creating a completely new picture of you in people’s minds that don’t reflect reality. Something like this cannot last in the long run and would also be quite exhausting for you in the long run. Your branding should bring the facts to the point and specifically emphasize the advantages and value of your service or products. Authenticity creates trust. 

04 – Position yourself as an expert

You do your job with flying colors and are fit in all its aspects. Your branding is the catalyst that can position you as an expert on the market. In your niche and your area, you can show yourself as a professional through strong branding – and I’m not just talking about a logo, pictures, and fonts here.

In the branding process, you work out the points that underline your competence. What was it that you always enjoyed? How can you help other people particularly well and what might make your special method even different from other competitors on the market? 

05 – pull marketing

Never cold call again! Never again have to convince anyone of your value. A dream that can come true for you with the right branding!

If your branding is perfectly tailored to your target group and it speaks precisely to their biggest problems and struggles, offers the right solutions: Then the customers will soon approach you on their own. You will have the feeling that this is exactly the person I have been looking for all this time! I want that too!

Your branding addresses the needs of your prospects so that they get the feeling: Yes, they understand me! With a clever content strategy and interesting added value that you offer your followers and readers, you draw attention to yourself and keep in touch with them. In this way, you quickly come into positive contact, which differs considerably from cold contacts who have never heard or read anything about you.

The prerequisite for this is: You must know your target group or your desired customer exactly. Here you will also find a free worksheet that will help you get one step closer to your dream customer. 

06 – Awareness of a particular offer

Not only the person as a brand is supported by accurate branding. You can also use your branding perfectly to focus on a specific offer from you – your “ flagship offer ”.

Think carefully about what you want to be known for. What is the product or what is the service that is most frequently requested by you? What do you like to do most about your work? Or what is the service that will bring your customers forward the most and bring about the greatest transformation?

You should focus on this product/service. Maybe you will also find a meaningful, memorable name that supports your offer in terms of its visibility. 

07 – Clarity for yourself

I have been working in the field of brand design for almost 20 years and again and again, I can experience that the process that my customers go through has a lot to do with personal development. By dealing with your values, your inner driver, and your goals, branding – similar to coaching – gives you a lot of clarity about yourself as a person and person.

This new clarity gained supports you like a small motivation boost in your business and gives you the right drive! Many of my customers report growing self-confidence after their brand design was launched. Now they want to show themselves and be visible to their customers.