Start your branding with a plan

So that your business branding as a quiet self-employed person does not become a quick shot, you should be courageous and foresight.

If you are planning your own business as a quiet self-employed person or if you have already started, you will eventually come to the point that you need professional visual branding. It should show you and your business authentically to the outside world and make new customers aware of your offer.

However, good branding that has the right glow factor takes time and shouldn’t even be shot from the hip. As a brand ambassador, your branding should last for you as a self-employed person. 

01 – Get an overview


Imagine you are standing in a forest full of trees … you can no longer see anything for the trees. What do you do? You go up a hill and first get an overview from above. You should also do the same as your external appearance. Take some time off and write and write down exactly what you will need for your launch. Often more comes together here than you might think at first glance! For example, consider:

  • Logo & sub-brands
  • Color palette
  • Font range
  • Individual icons
  • Website
  • Brand photos for a website
  • Business stationery such as business cards, letterhead
  • Social media graphics for your channels
  • Car lettering
  • E-book
  • Documents such as presentation slides
  • Etc. 

Once you have an impression of what is needed for your visual branding, it is time to prioritize. Because you probably won’t want to do everything at once. As a basis, I advise you to start with the logo, font, and color palette. From here you can build your entire brand design. Also, think about what you want to do and what you can do and in which areas it makes sense to hand over work directly to a professional who is fit in his area and can do it faster than you can. 

02 – Make a rough schedule for your branding

Once you have everything you need for your branding, it is time to draw up a first rough schedule. This should contain all the key points that are clear from your side: such as your launch date, but also non- working times such as vacation and public holidays non-, or times when you are not available. The time frame can sometimes narrow quickly. And then it’s good to have an impression of how much time you have to work intensively on your branding. You should also have a budget plan to create. What can you and above all do you want to invest in your branding? Calculate here with a buffer so that you can calmly intercept any later decisions, such as perhaps for the slightly more expensive paper. 

03 – Contact service providers in good time

My tip from the heart: Look early for suitable service providers who will work with you confidently on your branding. It is always a good idea to be on the lookout in a good time.

On the one hand, you will want to compare different providers in terms of their offer and their prices. On the other hand, it is the case that your desired expert must also have free capacity. At your first meeting, speak directly about your schedule, your wishes and ask about free slots for your branding.  

04 – Allow 4 to 6 weeks for your brand design

From my own experience, it is sufficient to plan around 4 to 6 weeks for a basic design consisting of a logo, color palette, and font palette with the associated mood board and sub-brands. So you have enough time to let the designs work on you without having to make hasty decisions. On the other hand, the time frame is also suitable for the designer, for any change requests or correction loops to be able to implement well. At first glance, the period may seem long. However, if you become aware that you have to deal intensively with your brand essence, your values ​​, and your target group during professional branding, the number will be put in the right light again. Because only if the basis – your unique positioning and brand strategy – for your branding is in place, it can also become a real authentic sales promoter for you. 

05 – Implementation of the brand design

Once your logo, colors, and fonts are in place, most of the work begins. Your brand design has to be implemented, ie applied to all media.

Please do not underestimate this part of the process. For one thing, it is important to consider facts such as times for printing or production. On the other hand, there are often obstacles or small difficulties that arise in this phase. 

Sometimes one does not match the other. The color does not come out in print as you hoped or the printer in the home office sometimes does not want to print out the data format. In this phase, minor adjustments are often necessary to give the design the finishing touch. So, my tip: plan a time buffer for this and above all keep your nerves. 

06 – Look what can run in parallel

Another tip from me: Look what things or processes can run in parallel. For example, you can already work out the structure and content for your website while editing your logo design. 

Of course, other processes can only follow one another: First, your mood board must be set with tonality and your colors. Only then does it make sense to let the photographer shoot the new brand photos of you. 

It is also important that the respective service providers coordinate well with one another and that you keep everyone involved up to date. 

07 – Trust professionals for your branding

It doesn’t always make sense to do everything yourself. Trust in professionals and give work to service providers you trust. This leaves you free to deal with your actual business. It also saves you a lot of nerves. 

08 – Always give timely feedback

Timely feedback is extremely important so that everyone can meet their deadlines. Try to give your designer, copywriter or web developer feedback as soon as possible. This way you avoid unnecessary dry spells, in which things don’t go well and there may be delays in the schedule.  

09 – Keep your back free

Finally, a good piece of advice from me to you: keep your back free. It is often underestimated how much time and space a branding takes up. The intensive study of it will pay off for you in the long term. Therefore, keep your schedule free in the hot phase. Treat your branding too as the most important subject focus, it is Worth it.


good branding takes time and is a process. With the timely planning of resources and the good coordination of all service providers involved, it becomes a tradable thing that is fun!