Branding For The Self-Employed As A Competitive Advantage

WHY STRONG BRANDING IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU AS A SELF-EMPLOYEE Good branding is not a nice-to-have, but a real success factor and competitive advantage Sometimes I feel very sad when I hear that self-employed branding or brand design is something that is luxury. Nice-to-have, but not necessary if you start your own business. Let … Read more

Start your branding with a plan

Branding plan

So that your business branding as a quiet self-employed person does not become a quick shot, you should be courageous and foresight. If you are planning your own business as a quiet self-employed person or if you have already started, you will eventually come to the point that you need professional visual branding. It should show … Read more

Why Your Branding Is A Commitment To Yourself


Why branding brings you closer to you As a self-employed person, you will come to the point at some point and realize: Without good branding and professional brand design, you will not get ahead. If you then decide to go into a branding process, you will soon notice that this requires a strong commitment to … Read more

Small Businesses And Personal Branding

beautiful business

What is branding? Everyone is talking about branding, personal branding, and brand identity. But what exactly is it that arouses the keen interest of more and more entrepreneurs? What does branding mean and what advantages does it have for your company or business? A friend recently asked me carefully: “What exactly are you doing with this branding? Aren’t … Read more