Complete Checklist For Filing For Divorce (Without A Partner)

It is an emotional decision to file for divorce.
You once made a vow to spend your life with someone you once loved and now you have to break that vow.
It becomes more difficult if children are also involved.
It’s always best not to divorce in the first place.
We have a practical article for you if you need help with this.
Sometimes a marriage can’t be saved and the only other option is to file for divorce.
When it comes to divorce, you want the process to be as painless as possible because you already have enough on your mind.
It’s helpful to know exactly what to do, and that’s what I want to explain in this article.
If you want to file for divorce without your partner, I’m going to put together a complete list of all the things that need to be done.

There is a list of things to consider when filing for divorce without a partner.

If you want to file for divorce without a partner, there are several steps you have to go through, so I would like to start the article with the checklist.
I’ll explain them later.
The legal steps are straightforward.
If you want a lawyer, get one.
Your attorney should file a one-page petition for you.
The court costs should be paid by the person.
There are more documents that you should submit.
You have to show up for the court date.
The divorce decree needs to be entered into the office.
You are officially separated when you’ve got all this behind you.
If you have very specific circumstances, there are a few more steps that need to be taken.
I mean the following steps.
If you have children, you might want to create a contact arrangement.
regulate alimony
If you married in a community of property, the distribution of household effects would be different.
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The first thing to do is to get a lawyer.

It’s usually not possible to sort out your divorce by yourself.
You will have no choice but to hire a lawyer if you want to file a divorce in court.
If you want to divorce alone or with your partner, this applies.
A lawyer costs money.
I advise you to do your research before choosing a lawyer because the fees vary from lawyer to lawyer.
It would be a shame if you ended up with an overpriced lawyer because there isn’t much that can be done about the cost of a divorce.

The second step is to have your attorney file a petition.

Divorce is a legal process and must be initiated through a petition procedure.
It is only an attorney who can make such a request.
There are two types of petitions in a divorce: a joint petition, when both partners file it together, or a solo petition, in which only one partner wants to file for divorce.
The article talks about the application for divorce without a partner.

Paying the court costs is the third step.

Court costs are paid to get proceedings started.
For the case to be opened, an amount must be paid to the court.
It may seem odd that you have to pay for such a procedure, but it serves to prevent people from going to court for every nullity.
The judge won’t be able to deal with the case in court if costs aren’t paid before the session.
The easiest way to pay the court costs is to hire a lawyer.
You can be sure that the money will be paid in the right way because he has experience with this.

Additional documents should be submitted in step 4.

All of the evidence you need to support your case needs to be submitted to the court in advance.
This appointment is separate.
It is possible to submit corresponding documents up to ten days before the meeting so that they can be used in the evidence.
The documents can no longer be used as evidence in a case if they are still submitted after this date.
The judge can decide if they will be admitted, but only if the evidence is simple.
Depending on what you expect from the divorce and your situation, it depends on which documents are relevant.
You have already hired a lawyer who can advise you on what documents you should submit.
You should trust a lawyer with this because he or she knows what they are doing and has experience doing this.

Show up for the hearing.

The judge will make a final decision on the divorce after the hearing.
You can make your case if you are present at the announcement of divorce.
The lawyer speaks.
In the event of a divorce, you can hire a lawyer to represent you in certain legal proceedings.
To ensure that all-important information is taken into account, most lawyers will meet with you shortly before the trial to discuss what will be discussed during the trial.
You need to have a document with you in court.
If you have to go through a metal detector and leave excess metal items at home, it’s better to hand them over to the court.
The case is being dealt with in a specific room.
When the hearing will begin will be announced by a bailiff in front of the room.

The divorce decree needs to be entered into the office.

The divorce will be decided after the hearing.
The decision won’t happen at the hearing.
In a divorce order, the judge will make a decision.
You and your partner will receive the directive.
This takes six weeks but may take a little longer in special circumstances.
You have to register it at the registry office after you have received this order.
Your lawyer can do this for you as well.
He or she can do this in his sleep.
You can register the order yourself if you think you’ve already paid enough.
You have to know that from the communitydigen you are registered in.
You already have all the papers, so you just have to submit them to the office or by post.
If you want to find out how this is regulated in your town, you should look at the website of your town.
You are officially divorced when the divorce papers are entered into the registry office.
That’s good, but you’ll need a lot of practical things to sort out with your ex.
The rest of the steps are about that.

If you have children, you should set up a contact arrangement.

It becomes more difficult when there are children involved.
If you want sole custody of your children, you’ll have to go to court.
You have the option of accepting joint custody.
It’s best for the kids if they can see both parents regularly, even if you don’t like your ex, I would recommend this variant.
As long as the kids are under 18 you need to find a contact arrangement.
They can choose what they want if they’re older.
How care and upbringing are distributed must be stated in the contact arrangements.
The information obligation between the ex-partners and maintenance payments must also be included.
It is mandatory to submit a regulation to the judge.
This regulation must be signed by both partners.
You and your ex-partner can make other agreements that are not required by the regulation.

The second step is to file for divorce.

One spouse may have to pay alimony after the divorce.
Child alimony and partner alimony are two different types of alimony.
I will show you how to determine how high you must be for both types.
If there are children under 18 years of age, child support can only be paid.
If one parent needs the other’s financial support to support their children until they are 21, alimony can be used.
If you can’t agree, the judge will determine this, and you can make your arrangements, in the contact arrangements and parenting plan.
One of the partners does not have enough money to live on after a divorce.
If one partner worked full-time and the other looked after the household, this is the case.
The other partner is responsible for the cost of living.
This can be regulated by one another and then stipulated in a divorce agreement.
You can get help from someone.
The partner alimony will be determined by the judge if you cannot agree.

Distributing the household effects is the third step in the file for the divorce process.

If you were married in a community of property, you both own the same things.
The entire household goods have to be divided between you after the divorce.
All things are not included in the household effects.
Some personal items, such as jewelry, are owned by one of the two partners and will always be their personal property.
Half of the household effects correspond to half the value of the household effects in money, so each of you has the right to half of the household effects.
The best way to solve this is to set it down in a divorce agreement and sign it.
The judge will have the final say if you can’t agree.

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