Contacting An Ex After A Breakup 2 Dangers And 3 Tips

It causes a lot of uneasy feelings on both sides when a relationship ends.
If both sides avoid each other for the rest of their lives, the ex-partners won’t hear from each other again, and that chapter of their lives will be behind them.
You may have a different case.
You still value your ex and would like to keep in touch even though things didn’t work out.
Staying in touch with someone you’ve been in a relationship with is not easy.
I want to help you with this problem.
If you want to keep in touch with your ex, I want to give you some tips, but I will also show you the stumbling blocks that you should avoid.
The structure of this article is as follows.
There are two stumbling blocks if you want to keep in touch with your ex.
How can I talk to my ex?

If you want to keep in touch with your ex, you should not contact them after a break-up.


If you still want to keep in touch with your ex, there are a lot of stumbling blocks and pitfalls that can make it hard.
A lot of the topics of conversation are a little more sensitive when you’re in a relationship, and if you make a mistake it can get awkward very quickly.
It is possible to avoid such mistakes.
I want to start this article with some well-known stumbling blocks because for that you have to know them first.
It is too early to talk about the relationship.
The ex should be blamed for it.
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Talking about a relationship too soon is a stumbling block.

It will be a big disadvantage if you want to keep in touch with your ex-partner even though it’s over.
Even if you broke up amicably, the end of a relationship will always have a lot of feelings.
If you want to keep in touch with your ex-partner, you should not remind him or her of your relationship immediately.
When your relationship is so far away that you can’t even see each other, there will surely be a day when you can look back on it.
It will be a long time before you get to that point if you just ended your relationship.
Don’t broach the subject yourself until then.
People don’t like to be reminded of things they have lost.
It’s difficult to completely avoid your ending relationship in a conversation, as many of the memories you shared were made during your relationship.
I’m not suggesting that you completely ignore the past, but certain topics are better avoided.
If you want to talk about something that happened on one of your dates, it’s best not to because the memory of it might be too bad.
There is a chance that something wrong will slip out of you if you don’t avoid all memories where you were alone as a couple.
It’s easy to forget about your relationship if you just talk about the past.
There’s little chance that you’ll accidentally remind your ex about something painful if you limit your conversation to this as much as possible.

Stumbling block 2 is to blame your former partner.

If you still want to keep in touch even though you’re no longer together, it’s probably because you broke up amicably.
It doesn’t mean that there are no negative feelings.
When two people argue, there are usually two to blame, and there will be some things you blame each other for.
One may have a corresponding feeling.
It doesn’t mean that you have to tell the other person your feelings.
A fight is almost inevitable if you tell your ex that you blame him or her.
You can no longer maintain a friendly relationship if something like this occurs.
People don’t want to be friends with people who attack them.
It’s probably not a good idea to leave accusations out in the open, but it’s the best thing to do at the moment.
You need to show each other that you’re capable of being friendly again, and not whining about the past relationship.
Your future relationship will be wrong if you don’t change your mind.
I can’t say for certain if you will say these things to each other, but it may happen one day.
To be able to talk about the reasons for the failure of the relationship without getting into an argument, you have to be very good friends.
If you’re not sure if you’re ready for this, then leave it at that.
You will have to accept that your friendship won’t allow you to have such conversations.

How do I keep in contact with my ex after a breakup?

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, it’s time to worry about your ex-partner.
There are things that you can do to improve your chances of being in touch with your ex.
The following tips are what I want to give you.
The contact needs to be kept relaxed.
Give your partner freedom.
Your friends should not be involved in the game.

The first thing to do is keep the contact relaxed.

I know that you have been in a relationship for a long time and are used to a certain amount of contact.
If you suddenly deal with each other in a completely different way, it can’t be easy to only discuss harmless topics.
In the beginning, I would like you to do this.
I have said before that the end of a relationship is emotional.
It will be difficult for the ex-spouse to stay in touch with you even if the contact is pleasant.
amplifying the ex-partner’s emotions is what one should avoid.
You are increasing your ex’s confusion by going to your old, deeper, familiar level in your conversations.
Chances are your ex will miss you if you keep having the same conversations you used to have.
It’s not good for the contact between you if it’s painful for the ex-partner.
If your ex misses you a lot, they will try to keep you away.
Your ex-partner probably doesn’t need any more depth.
You have more of a need for distraction after a breakup, as you already struggle with your feelings.
You’re not the right person for this right now, because the ex will need someone to talk to about all of these feelings.
I’m not suggesting that you won’t be able to have a deeper conversation in the future.
You don’t have to keep your friendship superficial because ex-partners can become very good friends.
When your feelings for each other have diminished, you can look at them with a cool head, and more depth should be saved for later.

It’s a good idea to contact your ex after a break-up.

When a relationship ends, many people want to keep in touch, even though they don’t hate or dislike each other.
Many people are afraid of drifting away from each other, so they would like to act quickly.
If you don’t want to lose contact with your ex-partner in the long term, you mustn’t rush it.
It can be difficult to connect with someone you recently dated after the end of a relationship.
It’s not wise to have a lot of contacts after a relationship ends.
There is a high risk that this will lead to the end of the contract because it will exhaust both of you emotionally.
You have to rebuild your friendship slowly.
If you want things to go well between you, you should give the other person more freedom.
The ex-partner could get the impression that you’d rather not speak to them anymore, so that’s not a complete break in transmission either.
It means that you should limit contact and that you should not have a lot of conversations.
It’s not clear what ‘too long’ and ‘too often’ mean here.
You will have to figure it out from your ex’s reaction.
When it’s getting to be too much for your ex, and you know it’s time to give him or her more space, you’ll know it’s time to stop.
It is no longer a problem if you talk to each other every day.
It’s not uncommon for exes to become good friends later in life, so you don’t have to keep in touch.
There’s a chance that you won’t be able to interact normally again if you make the wrong decision at this point.

The third tip is to contact your ex after a breakup.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ll have friends as well.
You would like to discuss the end of a relationship with a friend.
I advise you to leave your friends out of the game, that’s a good thing.
If evened is friends with both you and your ex-spouse, it might be awkward for them to learn a lot about what happened between them.
The tension between you and your ex can make it harder for you to bond with your friends.

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