Create Explanatory Video Yourself – Complete Guide

Have you always wanted to create explanatory videos yourself? For a start-up, in particular, it can make sense to present the company idea briefly and as easily as possible right at the start, for example, to acquire investors, and to integrate this medium into the video marketing strategy. There is now software such as GoAnimate, Powtoon, or clipvilla that help create an animated video. If you still have time to familiarize yourself with the topic, we will give you the tips for the supposedly cheapest option.

the first thing to do is to set goals and plans for the animated video.

For your first video, you first need to be clear about your goals. What do you want with your video marketing to reach? What messages do you want to present to your audience? What kind of explanatory video do you want to produce (product video, trade fair film, layering technique, screencast, whiteboard animation, etc.) Our tip: Try to concentrate on the essentials. Even if you are very proud of the functionality of your product – if you want your target group to get a first impression and watch your video as far as possible, firstly it shouldn’t get too long, and secondly, the viewers should see the forest for the trees still see. Say less is often more. If your target group has licked blood, they will voluntarily continue to inform themselves on your website or contact you. And now you have all the time in the world for the details!

Building your storyboard.

Start with the script or narrative text for your explanatory film – if there will be a narrator – or briefly formulate the story you want to tell with the video. Now think about which images support what has been said. So what happens in every scene of your video? You arrange this word-picture combination according to the later video scenes. The advantage here is one who can draw or, let’s say, scribble. Now, ideally, as a team, check whether your messages come across as you imagined. Are the graphics conclusive and clear? Not too overloaded? Remember: later in the moving image, individual scenes will pass faster than now in the static storyboard.

And always keep in mind when you create your explanatory film yourself: formulate short sentences and try to stay under 2 minutes. Attention: Please calculate 100 to 120 words per minute with a professional speaker.

You need to find the right software for video creation.

The most important thing is of course the tools for implementing the videos. At this point, the market is growing steadily and there are now some companies that offer software for explanatory video production. Different styles such as laying trick, 2D vector, or character design are also taken into account. Here are the most important:

a) Go Vyond: A very extensive and user-friendly explanatory video tool that has been on the market for a long time. The starting price starts at $ 39 a month. Videos can be implemented in a whiteboard, 2D, and infographic style. In the small version, however, a watermark is built into the video. Full HD videos cannot be produced either. These features are unlocked for larger product packages for $ 89 or $ 159 a month.

b) Clipvilla: The Clipvilla Online Video Editor is an inexpensive tool to create your explanatory video. The videos are based on defined templates. You can edit these and enrich them with your pictures and graphics. In addition to a range of music, you can also book a voice actor. Clipvilla starts at € 99.

c) Powtoon: Animated videos and presentations can be created here. The tool promises the first results after just 20 minutes. The functions are similar to those of Go Vyond, with a freemium version. For $ 19 a month (annual billing) there is also a free Wistia account for three months.

d) Fiverr: This is a tender platform for services from the marketing area. Starting with graphic design, text, or even videos and animations. Explanatory videos can also be produced cheaply here – often text and concept must be supplied. In the same way, voice recording must be organized independently. We have no experience with Fiverr, so you should give it a try.

e) Videoscribe: Here you can create your whiteboard animations in just a few steps. A free trial version is offered, which already covers a variety of functions. So there is access to a picture library and a selection of different hands. In the full version, you can even work offline.

After you have graphically implemented your explanatory video, the speaker text and the sounds are still pending.

An important component when you create an explanatory video yourself is the explanatory video setting. They bring the video to life and provide variety. Many explanatory video software providers already offer (depending on the product variant) a selection of different sounds and music pieces.

The following portals are also available for budding motion designers: Audiojungle, Pond5, and Itunes.

The question of the speaker remains. Just try to record the text yourself. You will notice that it is not as easy as you imagined! For a professional voice recording, you usually have to calculate 200 to 500 euros. Our tip: Request voice samples from the speaker in advance.

3 tips:

  • How should the speaker sound that he or she fits your products and your target group? Young or experienced? Factual or narrative? Higher or lower voice range? And does it harmonize with your chosen music?
  • Let your spokesman speak about special features in the text: how are proper names pronounced? Have you heard examples that you particularly liked? So your voice has a clue.
  • If you do the voice recording yourself: make sure that you are in a room without background noise. No fridge, as little reverberation as possible, and avoid crackling paper. Do not keep the recording device too far away, but do not go too close, otherwise, you will hear your breathing sounds. Now try different variations of the emphasis. You will be surprised: often you have to emphasize much more “exaggerated” than normal. And yet that can still sound too monotonous in the recording. Prefer a professional?

Top 22 explanatory video tools 2020

Are you looking for tools to create an explanatory film for your company or service? Creating a video is a great idea, if not the best, to easily convey concepts and messages to your prospects or target group. Especially in times of the coronavirus, where direct customer contact is currently a challenge. This means that communication must be effective and simple.

In this article, you will find the top 20 explainer video tools and software used by the majority of video creators. This article is constantly updated, so don’t hesitate to come back when needed!

All right .. before we start the listing a small but important introduction: (Please read through and remain patient for 1 minute)

Explanatory videos are more important than ever in communication and marketing. In both internal and external communication and content marketing anyway. 

Although there are other forms of visual content, video is becoming more present and takes precedence over these other forms of content, especially the written one. That’s probably why you’re reading this article. 

If you are familiar with Google Trends, you will soon see that you are by far not the only person who is slowly recognizing this crazy trend.

And this trend is not just hocus-pocus, but dozens of scientific statistics and papers have shown that explanatory videos can increase sales by up to 85%.

Why? Short example: Imagine you have a short, concise, and funny explanatory video that takes about a minute and explains your service or your product. Your competitor has no video and the potential customer has to read all FAQs and pages.

In today’s world, when people’s attention is 8 seconds according to Google, nobody has the desire and time to read eternally long website texts. Especially in times of YouTube, Facebook, and Co.

Here are a few facts and figures

  • Video helps 73% of consumers to buy
  • Almost 50% of people look for videos related to a product or service before going to a store
  • 5% of people watch Facebook or YouTube videos a day for over an hour
  • 80% of Internet users watch a video, while only 20% read text
  • 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day

Did you know that Dropbox built its entire business with just a Facebook campaign and an educational video? Crazy, right?!

As you have probably noticed, there are very different prices for explanatory video providers,  starting from € 500 to partly € 15,000.

How can such crazy price differences come about? The answer is very simple. Here you have to distinguish between two types of explanatory films.

2 types of explanatory videos

First, highly professional explanatory films, in which every single graphic is actually drawn and animated manually. Mostly with the most common software such as Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, or Autodesk Maya (for 3D).

And once explain films in which all characters and graphics are already prefabricated. These are now only positioned and animated. This has the advantage that it saves a great deal of time, you don’t really have to be able to draw, and it is usually a lot cheaper. 

The disadvantage of this drag & drop software, which we will now present in detail, is that the quality does not look as professional as with manually created explanatory films that are produced with After Effects. 

Below is a manually created explanatory film by us, in which every single graphic was illustrated and animated by a professional draftsman.

Here you need a large team of conceptualists,  screenwriters,  storyboarders, sound designers, animators, graphic designers to do something like this. 

Such videos are associated with high costs, which start at around € 3,000 and can go up to around € 15,000.

But not everyone has the big Coca Cola Marketing budget, does it? And that’s probably why you’re reading this post.

To stop talking about the hot water, we would like to introduce you to the hottest and most popular software that we also use for our smaller projects.

With these tools, you can create a compelling and engaging video, improve your marketing, and the creation of your content (whether training, animation, coaching, communication).

If you know of any other software / online applications that are not on this list for creating your video, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to any input!

1. Animaker 

Animaker is a simple, intuitive, fast-to-use online software that does not require any previous knowledge. With 6 different video styles and 120 different types of animations, you can create beautiful explanatory videos in Animaker. You can create different types of videos for all of your communication needs. The video is created by simply dragging and dropping. In the “Business” version (for commercial purposes) Animaker offers a large library with characters and scenario elements as well as sound and visual effects to spice things up.


€ 500

2. Animatron Studio  

Animatron is also online software that enables professionals and individuals to create high-quality videos. Animatron Studio is easy to use with drag & drop. You can create different animation styles (whiteboard, HTML5 design, presentations, …). The company offers two platforms: Animatron Studio, which is more aimed at agencies and small businesses designed for the creation of explanatory videos and banners, and Animatron Wave, which is dedicated to video marketing by creating social videos for the Internet develops parts in different networks.


€ 999


3. Animiz

Animiz is installed on your computer (Windows) and allows you to create animated explanatory videos, promotional videos, products, and more. Animiz consists of two parts: the installation on your computer and the online publishing platform, which is coupled with the software.


€ 999

4. Biteable

Biteable is a free online explainer video tool that allows you to quickly create a video animation. You don’t need advanced video editing skills to use the app. The process is simple and easy. Simply choose an animation style from the template gallery, edit the text and color, and add photos and music. When you have finished your video, it will be created in a few minutes and you can download or share it directly.


€ 999

5. Doodly

Doodly is an animation software to be installed on your computer (Windows and OS X), with which you can only create video clips (whiteboard) that can be created using a simple interface using drag & drop. With Doodly, you can create unlimited videos for all of your marketing needs. The software is supplied with characters (up to 750), set elements (1100), and up to 80 musical backgrounds. You can also download your files and media. Export your video in a few minutes in different formats and different quality.


$ 480

6. Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro 3 is a whiteboard animation software and one of the forerunners of this marketing tool. It is installed on your computer (Windows and OS X) and also allows you to create explanatory videos with a user-friendly interface using drag and drop in just a few simple steps. The software has over 12,000 images and music backgrounds.


€ 977

7. Explore

Explore is an online animation application that follows the drag and drop method. Explore is a simple and intuitive tool for creating explanatory films. With its help, users can create powerful animation videos that captivate the audience concisely and engagingly. With the tool, you can add your audio files (music, voice-over) and import your images into your video. In the “Creative” version, which enables the resale of videos, you benefit from a library with 6000 pictures and 60 backgrounds.


$ 1188

8. MakeWebVideo

MakeWebVideo is an online service that allows you to create your video using predefined templates. The website offers a variety of quality templates created with After Effects and makes a video easy and fast at a particularly affordable price.


€ 799


 Moovly provides a tool that companies can use to create creative animated videos. Moovly makes it easy to create tutorials, marketing videos, and training videos in different styles. Sounds, music, animations, and photos or videos are used for this. You can edit videos on whiteboards, 2D animations, and many other formats (graphics, presentations, e-cards, etc.).


$ 1599

10. mysimpleshow

Mysimpleshow is an explanatory video tool for creating whiteboard videos with which entrepreneurs, startups, and brands can present their ideas or products to the public with creative and appealing graphics. mysimpleshow was developed for the education and business world and is an application with many functions that is simple and intuitive. Synonyms for this type of video are also:

  • Laying technique
  • Whiteboard
  • Laying technique


€ 4,788

11. PowerPoint

Explanatory video with PowerPoint? That’s the way it is. PowerPoint is a slide show presentation (Windows and OS X) that is part of the Microsoft Office Tools Suite. With PowerPoint, you can create, collaborate, and present your ideas in a dynamic and visually appealing way (source: Microsoft). It does not necessarily have to be thought about first, but PowerPoint also enables high-quality explanatory videos to be created without special technical knowledge and ease.


€ 126

12. PowToon

PowToon, often touted as a direct competitor of GoAnimate (Vyond), is an online tool that allows you to create beautiful, animated videos quickly and intuitively. You can create engaging explanatory films with a simple drag and drop system. Powtoon simplifies the creation process with a clear and ergonomic user interface with which you can create videos or presentations (2D animation videos, videos on whiteboards, computer graphics, etc.) that are enriched with dynamic animations in a cartoon style very quickly.


€ 708

13. RawShorts

With Rawshorts, you can create high-quality videos based on pre-made templates that you can select and customize using drag and drop. Rawshorts differs from the other explanatory film software presented here, because you can buy your produced videos without having to subscribe monthly, but use “credits” that correspond to the export of your video. It is ideal for quick and easy creation.


€ 708

14. Rielis Media

Rielis Media is not an explanatory video software per se, but with all of this software above create completely individual and own explanatory films for you. What could be better than letting a professional at work who has mastered all of this software for almost a decade and creates your very own film. Storytelling, voice over, background music included!


There are 3 products. 1x the standard version for € 1,299. Then the premium version for € 1,699 and very high demands the manual version for € 4,999

Would you like to have an explanatory video created by the explanatory video experts from Rielis Media? 

15. RenderForest

Renderforest is an online tool for creating intro videos for Youtube, explanatory videos, animated logos, typography videos, product or service promotional videos, slide shows (wedding, vacation, mobile app promo, event invitations, company presentations, infographics …). Renderforest also offers toolkits that allow you to draw from hundreds of elements (scenes, characters, objects …) to edit your video from A to Z by removing pre-made models. Note that only the 2 offers “Business” and “Business” offer commercial rights for resale to third parties.


$ 999

16. TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker (Text-To-Speech Sketch Maker) is software (Windows and OS X) that can be used to create videos on a whiteboard, with the voice-over (the only one in its category that allows this) to be done automatically via translation tools is generated.


$ 370

17. VideomakerFX

VideomakerFX is software (Windows and OS X) with which you can create animated explanatory videos of the type “Motion Design”, “Typographic” or “Whiteboard” with a template library. VideomakerFX was released in 2014 and was the first software of its kind to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make your explanatory videos easier. Although the software has not developed technically since 2015, it is still very practical and useful.


$ 37

18. VideoRobot

VideoRobot is an online application based on predefined customization templates. You can easily create your videos in different styles: videos with 3D avatar, typographic animation videos, whiteboard videos, sales videos, explanatory videos, live videos, and much more. The special thing about this application is that you can create your videos in any language! Note that the commercial version that allows the resale of videos to customers is included in the price.


$ 30.95 

19. Vidgeos

Vidgeos is an online application for creating and marketing videos. A highlight of the application is the ability to automatically translate the text into the viewer’s language depending on the location. Vidgeos offers video hosting and “smart elements” that display specific information such as time, date, location, etc. Marketing functions include calls to action, countdown, email registration forms, purchase buttons, and much more. It has never been easier to create a video and share it with marketing tools. A very comprehensive solution to create, host and present a video with marketing tools …


2 offers $ 27 / month or $ 127 / year 

20. Videoscribe

Videoscribe is great software (Windows and OS X) for creating videos on whiteboard video recording types. You can get a detailed description of the software by clicking on the image above.


€ 480

21. Vyond

Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) is an effective video creation tool, a real online editing studio. This makes it easy and fun to create professional animated videos. Without previous experience, you can quickly create a video in a variety of styles: 2D animation, whiteboard, or video infographic. Vyond also uses a drag-and-drop interface that you can customize to suit your needs, characters, movements, backgrounds. Object sets that you can combine in any way to create an appealing video.


3 offers (from $ 299 to $ 999 / year), free trial available in English

22. Wideo

Wideo is an online tool that offers a real professional studio for the easy creation of explanatory films. With Wideo you have access to several pre-made templates that you can customize by dragging and dropping them into a library of. With more than 1300 pictures and more than 50 music tracks, this software is one of our favorites.

Pricing: 3 deals ($ 228, $ 468, or $ 948 / year) + free limited offer only in English 

Ok, now I know all the tools .. What now?

So … once congratulations, if you made it here, now we have a small but very important final statement!

As you can see, there is a lot of different video surveillance software with different functions,  prices, and restrictions.

If you have the time and desire, we advise you to study each software and view tutorials so that you can find out exactly which one is right for you, because unfortunately there is no general answer here.

And even if you have looked at all the software, you need to know that it does not create a good video. You should be able to answer all questions below with yes so that you can also create a professional video for yourself or your company:

  • What do I understand about screenwriting?
  • What do I understand about storytelling?
  • Do I know good voice-over speakers?
  • Can I storyboard?
  • Do I understand Transitions?
  • Do I understand color theory?
  • Do I understand typography?
  • Do I understand motion?
  • Do I understand cinematography?
  • Do I understand sound design?

You should be able to answer all of these things with yes. Because what good does it do if you understand software, but fail because of the conception? : /

An explanatory video agency covers all these people above, who mostly have decades of experience in communication, marketing, storytelling. An explanatory video often looks very simple, but as with everything in life, there is a lot of knowledge and experience behind it.

DOI - make your own clipYou should also ask yourself the question of whether you have the time to delve into this topic for months now.

From experience, we can tell you that we have many customers who want to create an explanatory video independently for cost reasons, do it (unsuccessfully) and then even more so turn to a video agency. Say a lot of time and money for the software is lost forever. Of course, we want to spare you that. Because hey, this explanatory film should ultimately show your company, your product, or your service in a serious light, right?

The last thing you want is for customers to see your movie and think, for God’s sake, THAT’S UNPROFESSIONAL.

As mentioned above, we have the perfect solution for you.

We offer 3 different packages for every budget. Whether a small company or DAX or ATX group, we have something for everyone. 

In other words, we manually create one of this software for you above your very own explanatory video. Scripting, voice over, background music included. We only have fixed prices and no additional costs.

Imagine, for example, that you are a software company:

let’s call it company A and your competitor is company X.

Company X has the same product as you, the same website, and the same position in Google.

The potential prospect goes to your website where your product is not presented with a 2-minute explanatory video, but with a lot of text.

Competitor X has an explanatory video that explains his product in a short, concise, and understandable way.

Question for you: Where do you think the potential customer will buy?

The answer is of course self-explanatory – but more important than ever!

Take advantage of the opportunities to be among the digital winners and increase your sales now, especially in times like these!

Create videos quickly and easily

Explaining something with moving pictures is sometimes better than putting it into words. And producing and publishing a video is no longer a feat – the result, however, is in most cases no art … But videos that briefly explain or illustrate something should not be mandatory.

Since video recordings are now relatively simple, it is easy to understand that they now make up a huge proportion of the content on the Internet. Already the ARD / ZDF online study from 2015 found that more than half of Internet users between the ages of 14 and 29 watch videos daily. The majority of them use platforms such as YouTube or MyVideo and often share videos on social networks. This results in the rapid spread (“virality”) of videos.

What do you want to show?

First of all ask yourself: What exactly do you want to show whom? Video is not just video. The range extends from the snapshot filmed quickly from the hand with the smartphone (e.g. with the appSnapmovie or with the app Periscope (which is linked to Twitter) up to elaborately produced Videos for the flipped classroom.

If you only want to give your participants a brief introduction to the topic or document a seminar lesson on film, it is certainly sufficient to film with a tablet without much post-processing. But if you want to produce something more sustainable, you should also familiarize yourself with various video and editing options.

In any case, think of a “script” in advance. After shooting, view and describe your material so that you can create a kind of cut list, i.e. an overview of the sequence of individual recordings, inserted images or texts, and any additional sound recordings (e.g. music or additional text). You can later mix these as audio files in a suitable editing program for your film recordings. It is best to write down what should be seen, what the corresponding file is called, and how long the sequence should be, for example Setting 1: pan through the classroom, classroom.mp4, 3 sec.


So let the film start in your head! And even better: leave your film in advance as “Storyboard” Arise, even if everything turns out differently later …

What technology do you need?

  • Camera, sound, tripod, lighting
  • If planned: Tools for filming the screen – screencast
  • Interesting facts about video formats and corresponding programs
  • Editing program

Camera, sound, tripod, lighting

If you only want to document something, your smartphone or tablet is usually sufficient. The recording quality is now so good for all devices that the result is at least vivid, that is, without major jerks, pixelations or distortions. You should archive videos that you produce with your mobile devices well and always transfer them to your computer / hard drive, since you need a lot of storage space for video files and thus back up the data straight away. Most smartphones have their video directories, so you can easily access your films and transfer them to other devices accordingly. You can also edit them there as you like.

If you would like to design a somewhat more complex film in which, for example, people should be seen in different situations, it is advisable to work with a camera with a microphone and tripod.

Another important aspect is the microphone: make sure that the sound quality is good, especially if several people are speaking at the same time.

If you use a tripod for the camera and get a sturdy floor lamp, you can put yourself in the limelight at your desk at home. You should also use a tripod for outdoor shots or for taking an interview so that the pictures are not blurred. Check the illumination of your image section again and again on the camera display: you may need to use additional light sources such as a standard lamp or hang a window with a fabric panel through which too much light falls on the scene from behind. You do not need any professional equipment for this: With simple means such as small clamp lamps, sheets, picture frames, and the like, you can often achieve good results for “home use”.

Above all, keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and the more filming you do, the more trained your eye will be in terms of lighting.

Screen filming tools – Screencast

It is often necessary for a tutorial that something is presented directly on the screen. Some tools allow the screen to be filmed directly, so-called screencasts.

You can use the Presentation tool Prezimake it available as a video. Conversations that you, for example, about google hangout on air, Adobe Connect, or even in virtual classrooms, you can also convert it into a video or broadcast it immediately.

And last but not least, you can use processes such as screen capture programs to present processes that you present on your screen Camtasia or that Screen recorder”Film”. If you lay a soundtrack with an explanatory text over such a video using a simple editing program, you will receive a simply produced tutorial with great effect.

Video formats and related programs

Movies with sound produce a large amount of data. Therefore, videos have to be compressed in some form if they are to be easily playable for the viewers. It should also be borne in mind that not all players also recognize all formats. Currently, the most common format for video files is MP4, which most browsers can easily play. Most editing programs will help you convert and save your video accordingly.

Editing program

Almost certainly, no matter whether PC or Mac, you have already installed a small video editing program on your computer. Otherwise, you can usually download one free of charge. Even with a very simple video editing program, you can not only shorten and trim your material but also create additional audio tracks (e.g. with music or additional text), insert pictures, and other video elements (e.g. screencasts), as well as design the intro and end credits.


If you want to merge several videos into a row, design and archive the intro and end credits as small, independent videos, which you can simply add if necessary. 

The usual cutting programs like that Windows Live Movie Maker offers easy-to-use tools for font overlays and transitions. Many editing programs also suggest the right formats for the planned use of your video and also help you upload your video to YouTube and Co.

For a good editing program, you don’t necessarily have to spend money that Chip magazine has here are five good freeware editing programs compiled. You will find a lot of tutorials on the Internet for all common programs.

In addition to the possibility of creating different formats, the separate processing of the sound and text track, and the use of panels, a good editing program should also be able to easily jump back and forth in the material, i.e. select pictures (= frames) individually. This makes editing easier because it is often only a fraction of a second that you want to edit.

Screenshot of a “project” that is currently being edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. (Image: Alexandra Hessler, screenshot not under a free license)

Last but not least, don’t forget to give your videos meaningful titles and to tag them in the so-called “metadata” – this will help your video to be found and viewed in the vastness of the network.

Where do you want to publish your video?

You can save video files on your computer and send them to your participants as attachments or via the cloud. In our instructions not make photos, videos, and audios publicly available we show what options you have and how to do it.

As soon as you want to go public with your video, consider a suitable platform:

  • YouTubers still the largest video platform where you can easily set up your channel for your videos free of charge. Prerequisite: registration with Google.
  • Vimeo is aimed at professional video makers but works in principle just like YouTube.

Embedding videos on a website is usually not a problem. Ask the admin of your website, or if you work with WordPress, you can also integrate videos yourself with a suitable plugin. 

CC BY SA 3.0 DE by Alexandra Hessler for wb-web

Steps to your video

  • Think about what and what you want to film for
  • Think of a script
  • Prepare your technique
  • Prepare the required material/props
  • If necessary, clarify interview appointments
  • You might want to find a team to take care of the sound and lighting
  • Take pictures
  • Make a “cut list”, ie an overview of the material you want to use and in what order
  • Edit your material: you also need music, text, pictures …
  • Think of the intro and credits: Be sure to name everyone involved and set a license
  • Publish and promote your video …