The process of decision making

All of us have at least one decision we can’t seem to make.

We fear failure and are afraid to make a mistake. We fear our surrounding reaction and are afraid to leave our comfort zone.

We think that we should wait a little bit longer we will know what is the right decision.

In fact the longer we wait in our process of decision-making, the more energy we are wasting. We find more and more pro and cons but we can’t decide what we should do.

We wait for the “right” moment that doesn’t seem to ever come. want to improve yourself? one of the important factors that will help you to improve yourself is learning how to make the right decision. When we get good at making decisions we are also building a confidence.

Decision making principle that makes the process easy

  • There isn’t such a thing “right decision” – in order to make the right decision we need to predict the future. Because we are not profits we can never know what the perfect decision is. We always have limited information and we see only a small part of the big picture.
  • Decisions are always emotional and not rational – you can spend the eternity making pro and cons lists but ultimately you will make a decision with your hearts. We will consider the short-term benefits in our decision-making process.
  • We have a decision making’s compass: our values – there isn’t a right or wrong decision but there is a decision that meets our values and there is a decision the contradict them. For example, we will not go to work in a place that makes us lie if our values are of honesty and integrity. Therefore we can consult our values when we have trouble making a decision.
  • When we are making a decision time is an asset – when we are not sure of the right decision and we are making a close call it doesn’t really matter which decision we make but we need to make it quickly. Time is our biggest enemy. We need to remember that we can revoke almost any decision. When we delay our decision we are only making it difficult for us.

Exercise for growing our “decision muscle”

  • For an entire month, we will try and make a decision we never made before. Like choosing a different juice to drink or wearing a hat. The goal is to train our decision-making muscle and learn to make a quick easy decision.’
  • We should make a list of all our pending decisions and choose a date on which we will make a decision that is pending.

Now tell me in the comments – which decision you have the hardest time to make?