Do I Please My Ex 6 More Signs My Ex Wants Me Back

I don’t know how to tell if my ex still has feelings.
Maybe you thought you were going to be with someone for the rest of your life, but then they ended their relationship.
Life isn’t going to turn out the way you thought it would, and you’ll probably miss your ex-spouse too.
Logically, a lot of people try to get their ex back.
It’s important to know if you still like your ex.
This will make it more likely that you will get back together with your ex.
How can you tell if you still like your ex?

The first sign is that your ex is still trying to reach you.


Chances are you won’t hear from your ex after the relationship ends if he or she is fed up with you.
He or she won’t need to see you or talk to you.
There will probably be more or less radio silence if you still send each other a message to sort things out.
You don’t go for coffee with someone when you’re done with them.
After a relationship ends, it’s very common for the ex-spouse to get back in touch with his or her former partner.
This sign is often overlooked because it seems to be self-explanatory.
When trying to get in touch with the ex, they may be quite subtle.
The ex won’t just say they want to talk to you but will use a trick to start talking to you.
He or she might ask for your help, but it won’t be needed.
Maybe your ex-spouse left something with you so that he could pick it up.
There are many legitimate reasons why your ex-partner might want to talk to you.
It doesn’t mean that your ex wants you back, just because you’ve been in contact with them a few times.
You should be clear about whether the ex is at your door frequently or if there is a good reason why he or she is there.
Don’t think that any contact is a good sign.
How likely are you to get your ex back?
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You still have your ex’s belongings.

There are things in your home that remind you of your ex-partner after a relationship ends.
Many items in the house are linked to the many memories you have created together.
If you don’t want to be associated with your ex anymore, the chances are very high that you will part with the memories.
You won’t see a photo of you in your ex’s house if he or she is done with you, because he or she doesn’t want to be reminded of you.
A sign that he or she is still interested in you is when the ex-spouse leaves a lot of memories in the house.
I’m not sure if your toilet has photos of your exes on it.
You have to be realistic about it.
Almost everything will remind you of their former partner when you’ve been in a long-term relationship.
Your ex can’t throw everything out of the house that’s closest to you.
If there are things that have something to do with you, then you should pay attention to them.
Gifts given to the ex or photos of you are included.

Your friends are noisy.

Many of your friends were in your relationship.
It’s difficult to meet up with your friends after a relationship ends because nobody likes the risk of meeting someone you don’t know.
Many friends tend to take sides after a breakup.
In practice, mutual friends will often ask strange questions.
They want to know how you feel about your exes.
It can make you feel like they’re trying to figure out if you still have feelings for your ex.
When you know your ex still has feelings for you, your friends do the same thing.
If you just got back together, your friends would be a lot more comfortable, so they’re trying to figure out if you still have the same feelings for your former partner.
That’s why they’re happy to give you feedback.
Your friends may be only asking these questions to know how you are doing.
Friends don’t know that your ex still has feelings for you.
It is reasonable to assume that your friends know something about your ex’s feelings if they frequently ask these questions.

When other people show interest in you, your ex is jealous.

When your relationship is over, you don’t want to think about new relationships at all, so how do I know if my ex still has feelings?
You will be more open to dealing with other men or women once your feelings for your ex-partner weaken.
You can tell if your ex still loves you by how he or she reacts when you flirt with someone else.
He or she won’t care if your ex is through with you.
Why should your ex be upset when someone else is paying attention to you since he or she doesn’t feel anything for you anymore?
It’s possible that your ex-spouse still has feelings for you, even if he or she is showing signs of jealousy.
You can see if your ex is jealous if you’re not looking for a new relationship.
He or she can’t know if you have romantic feelings for that person.
It’s usually enough to get in touch with someone just to make them jealous.
If you don’t want to wait so long for a corresponding situation to arise, you can challenge such a reaction very well.
Try to have your ex see you with an attractive woman or man at a mutual friend’s party.
You will be aware of how your ex feels about you very quickly.

You are being followed on social media by your ex.

Anyone who has ever had deep feelings for another person knows how to scroll through all the photos on social media.
This is a sign that your ex still has feelings for you, and you will be surprised to hear that.
Can you tell if your ex is doing that?
Some indications can point to this, but you will never be able to know for sure.
If you share something new on social media, a status update, or a photo, and your ex likes it very quickly, there is a good chance that he or she will like you even more.
A very old photo is a clear signal.
This shows that your ex was looking at your photos and hit the like button.
Most people don’t want to look at all of your old photos.
When you have feelings for someone, you only do that.
Your old classmates probably don’t like photos of you from 2009.
It’s a sign that your ex is aware of what you’re posting on social media.
It’s possible that your ex-spouse is talking to you about a photo you just shared on Facebook, or that he’s saying something about a comment you wrote yesterday.
Your ex is keeping a close eye on you.

Since your relationship ended, your ex hasn’t been with you.

It’s normal to not be in a relationship for a long time.
You won’t have much interest in a new person in your life, because you will need some time to process the intense emotions.
Most people will become interested in other people again after a while.
If your ex is still in love with you, he or she won’t date anyone else for a long time.
If you haven’t seen your partner in a while, this can be a sign that he or she still has you in his or her mind.

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