From Rupture To Acceptance The 5 Phases Of Lovesickness

No one can get used to lovesickness, no matter how old you are or how many relationships you’ve been through.
You are in deep confusion because of the break between you and your former partner.
You are no longer yourself.
It’s always difficult to find yourself again after all the strong feelings.
Lovesickness is a process that is similar to the stages of grief and it can help to know that.
I would like to talk about the phases of lovesickness in this article.
I will show you how to overcome lovesickness and how to recognize separation and mourning phases.
I hope that I can help you through the lovesick phases so that you don’t have to go through them again.
There are five stages of lovesickness that I would like to cover in this article.

Denial is the first stage.


The denial phase is the first phase of lovesickness.
You don’t realize that it’s over with your partner in this phase.
It doesn’t quite want to get through to you yet, even though you know it on a rational level.
There are usually no strong emotions in this phase, which is why it is often experienced as fake.
A’shock’ can be compared to the denial phase.
There is a shock effect when a relationship ends.
The brain needs to get used to the new situation first.
The break-up in a relationship doesn’t have to be completely unexpected.
A break in a relationship that has been going on for a long time can still cause shock.
Your brain is a little slower even though you know your relationship is over.
The brain’s defense mechanism is thought to be in this phase.
Your brain is afraid that you can’t cope with the emotions after you’ve been confronted with a drastic experience.
What’s left is a fairly weak emotional state and a feeling of emptiness, because it just shuts down those emotions.
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This phase of denial is characterized by what?

The phase is characterized by conspicuously low feelings and is not very intense emotionally.
You don’t get an intense emotional reaction when you feel that something serious has happened.
It’s over between you, but you don’t feel it yet.
That will arrive later.
Irrational thoughts can develop such as that things will work out, that the ex will get better, and that things will be fine again.
This is not an illogical train of thought, but in most cases, it is not correct.
I can’t give you any good advice for this phase.
When your life has changed completely, you leave this phase behind.
There isn’t anything you can do to speed it up.
You won’t have a lot of problems in this state because your world is numb.

Stage 2 Rage was the second stage.

The anger phase is the second phase of lovesickness.
If you’re the one who ended the relationship, that might sound odd.
Anger is understandable if he or she did nothing wrong.
This isn’t about anger toward the ex-partner or anyone else.
A kind of mood is not what Anger is meant to be.
You are angry at the universe, life, or the circumstances that brought you here.
This can be done in different ways.
Your anger doesn’t matter because you have no reason to be angry.
Anger can be directed at your ex if they did something wrong.
Was it you who made the mistake?
You can get angry with yourself as well.
You may be blamed for the breakup with your ex because of your anger.

What can you do to deal with anger?

This anger is not rational or justified.
You’re welcome to curse the whole world, but you should do it alone and not let anyone notice.
They should not be the focus of your anger.
You will regret it later if you say things that you shouldn’t have said.
This stage will affect your everyday life regardless of the anger you feel towards certain people.
You’ll get annoyed more quickly with little things because they all get on your nerves and you’ll think the world is against you.
These feelings can be allowed in yourself.
It will help you get through this phase more quickly.
Don’t yell at people on the street because they are in your way, or something similar, because you should make sure that you don’t affect your surroundings too much.
They can’t do anything about it most of the time.

Negotiating Stage 3.

Negotiating is the third phase of lovesickness.
You’re aware that it’s over between you, but you’re also convinced that it doesn’t have to stay that way.
You want to bring your ex and you back together.
You want to do it quickly.
Your ex will want to get back to you if you can resolve the issues between you.
It’s possible that you could change yourself to be more attractive to your ex.
Something compelling to win her over again is what you plan.

At this point, you can’t get your ex back.

In this phase, one is not capable of rational thinking.
When the relationship doesn’t work out, you will think that it still has a future.
With a few small changes, you can get your ex back, even if there’s nothing left between the two of you.
Then, you are not in a position to assess whether or not you still want your partner to be with you.
The desire to win your ex back is a violent reaction to changes in your life.
It’s because you long for the state before that your life is suddenly upside down.
You just want your old life back, but it quickly turns into the Welsh ‘I want my ex back!’
If you got your ex back, it would be a shame, but you would regret it after two weeks.
You mustn’t try to get your ex back into action.
You can try to get your ex back, but not at this point.
Right now, you’re too emotional for that.
It’s not large enough to make rational decisions.
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Depression stage 4

When you talk about lovesickness, this phase is what you think of.
It is the most difficult phase to go through.
During the depression phase, you struggle with depression.
You have to go through this phase for either a better or worse outcome.
It will hurt you in the long run if you try to suppress your grief.
Depression and grief are the first things that come to mind when you think of them.
The grief is part of the depression at this time.
You will probably feel sad for a long time.
It is part of the process and can be avoided.
The term ‘depression’ is more than that.
You can suffer from depression even if you don’t feel sad.
You can feel completely powerless.
You won’t be able to get out of bed because you don’t see the point in pretending everything’s okay.
One would like to sleep all day because one doesn’t feel bad when one is asleep.
You shouldn’t give in to these feelings.
You should not sit at home all day with your grief.
You should leave the house at some point so that you can get back in touch with other people.
It’s much easier to continue on the path with this.
Everyone has never been helped by sinking into self-pity.
I don’t mean that you shouldn’t grieve.
Give yourself a good cry if you’re experiencing a strong feeling of grief.
To process feelings well, is very important.
This will make you feel better.

Acceptance phase five

The stage you want to reach is called acceptance.
You will know that your relationship is over when you reach this stage.
You will be able to live with the fact that you won’t be a couple again.
You can get on with your life after completing the acceptance phase of the lovesickness process.
You want to get to this stage quickly.
When you haven’t achieved it, you can try to convince yourself that you have.
It is helpful to check to see if you have gone through all the previous phases if you want to be sure that you have reached this phase.
You’re just deluding yourself if that’s not the case.
Is it true that the two of you will never be a couple again?
These explanations will help you get through lovesickness.
You have a goal in mind that you can aim for and that can make the path more enjoyable if you know the phases.
You now know how to behave in each phase.
I recommend that you find someone to talk to about your lovesickness if it’s still bothering you.
I wouldn’t pick your ex for this, but it can be anyone; a friend, a family member, or just a good colleague.
When you’re trying to get through lovesickness on your own, you should find someone to cry for.

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