How Did You Improve Your Self Confidence

I improved my self confidence by taking small steps and focusing on my goals. I also developed a positive attitude and surrounded myself with positive people. By doing this, I was able to build a foundation of self-confidence that I can rely on.
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How did you improve your self confidence?

I increased my self-confidence through practicing positive self-talk and visualization. I always try to think of the best things about myself and focus on the things that make me happy. I also try to surround myself with positive people who can help boost my confidence.

“Self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. Self-confidence is believed to be important to our health and psychological well-being.
Having a healthy level of self confidence can help us to become successful in our personal and professional life.”
This is general belief and understanding about self-confidence in society. But, here the question arises whether life will succeed only with confidence?
Until one gains the true spiritual knowledge, the belief of a common man is that: –
On growing up, after gaining education and finding a job, I will get married and look after my family. I will provide higher education to my children. Then they will get jobs. Then we will marry them off. God will grant kids to our children. Then our duty will be over. Many times, elderly people of the village and the neighbouring village used to gather together and ask about each other’s well-being. One of them said, “By God’s grace, I have two sons and two daughters. I toiled to bring them up and educated them. Now I have married them off. All of them have sons and daughters. My task has been accomplished. I have turned 75. Now I can die; my life has been successful. The family line has commenced; my name will remain in the world.
Interpretation: – Whatever was obtained in the above-mentioned account was pre-determined in the fate. Nothing new was obtained.
Like, a farmer sows wheat, chickpeas etc in his field. Then after working hard and making them mature, he brings them home and stocks them in his storeroom. If he does not sow the seeds again and prepare a crop, and is only eating the wheat and chickpeas from the previous year, then currently he will not face any problem because the wheat and the chickpeas from the previous year are still remaining, but one day those already stored grains will finish and that family of the farmer will become poor. In a similar manner, whatever is being obtained in the human life is a collection of the previous lives. If one does not do bhakti and auspicious deeds in the present time, then the future life will become hell.
After gaining spiritual knowledge, a man like a wise farmer will sow the crop of charity, meritorious deeds and recitation of mantra every year in every season, and will consume it after storing it in his house, and will also sustain himself by selling it, that is, after taking initiation from a Complete Guru, he will collect his wealth of bhakti by doing worship and charity in every Samagam as told the Guru ji. Therefore, a Supreme Saint teaches the way of life to a human being. It is based on the true spiritual knowledge that is certified by all the holy scriptures. In current time only saint Rampal ji maharaj ji is giving true spiritual knowledge according to our holy scriptures and right way of worship.
Once, my master – satguru Rampal ji maharaj was doing a three-day Satsang-Paath (Spiritual Discourse + Recitation of a Holy Book) in a village. A relative of that very family brought a four years old boy with him. During a conversation, he said, “I had four sons and two daughters. I married them all off. Perhaps, there was no one as happy as me in the village. Then things reached such a pass that within two years my family got ruined. Two sons were going on their motorcycle to their in-laws. They died in an accident. Their wives got married in other villages. A year later, at night another son got stung by a snake on the tube well in the field. He was found dead. Due to this tragedy, the fourth son died from heart attack. All the daughter-in-laws also left home. My wife became mentally disturbed. This is my eldest daughter’s son. I am passing my days with him. I have kept my daughter at home.” It is a request to the dear readers that act with discretion and acquire the true path of human life. Definitely do Bhakti.
Just think that even if such a hardworking person had this knowledge that without bhakti and meritorious deeds, a human life becomes hell, then at least along with that he would have also done Bhakti of God and would not have suffered such a plight. Only bhakti will make our future bright.
God Kabir explained Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge) to his disciple Sant Garibdas Ji, which is as follows: – (Rag Aasavari Hymn No. 1)
“Man tu chal re sukh ke sagar, jahan shabd sindhu ratnagar | (tek)
Koti janm tohe martan hogey, kuchh nahin haath laga re |
Kukar-sukar khar bhayaa baure, kaua hans buga re || (1)
Koti janm tu raja kinha, miti na man ki asha |
Bhikshuk hokar dar-dar handya, milya na nirgun rasa || (2)
Indra Kuber Ish ki padvi, Brahma, Varun, Dharmaraya |
Vishnunaath ke pur koon jakar, bahur apootha aya || (3)
Asankhya janm tohe martey hoge, jivit kyun na mare re |
Dwadash Madhya mahal math baure, bahur na deh dhare re || (4)
Dojakh bahisht sabhi te dekhe, raj-pat ke rasiya |
Teen lok se tript nahin, yeh man bhogi khasiya || (5)
Satguru mile to ichchha miten, pad mil pade samaana |
Chal hansa us lok pathaun, jo aadi amar asthana || (6)
Char mukti jahan champi karti, maya ho rahi dasi |
Das Garib abhay pad parsae, mile Ram Avinashi || (7)”
Meaning of the speech of Sukshm Ved: –
Translation of Speech: – By making soul and (man) mind as characters, Sant Garibdas ji has advised the human being of the world. He has said that “This world is an abode of sorrows. There is another world separate to this where there is no misery. That place is (Eternal Supreme Abode = Satyalok), and the God there (Immortal Supreme God) is the ocean of happiness. He is lord Kabir. Do the worship of that supreme god by taking initiation from Satguru and doing bhakti with limitations one can attain His eternal place. Today, Jagatguru Saint Rampal ji maharaj ji is the only true saint in the world who has authority to give initiation and right mantras and true way of worship.
Please, listen discourses of saint Rampal ji on Satlok Ashram YouTube channel and also read the life changing books “Gyan ganga” and “Way of Living”.

”How do I improve my self confidence?”

Recognise what you’re good at. We’re all good at something, whether it’s cooking, singing, doing puzzles or being a friend. Build positive relationships. Be kind to yourself. Learn to be assertive. Start saying “no”. Give yourself a challenge.

Self-confidence is a very important factor in any person’s life. If you have low self-confidence, it can be hard to feel confident in yourself and your abilities. However, there are ways to improve your self-confidence. One way to start is to focus on your strengths. What are some things that make you unique and special? What do you do well? When you focus on these strengths, you’ll start to feel more confident in yourself. Additionally, it’s important to be positive and have a good attitude. When you are positive, it will show up in your attitude and your actions. Finally, it’s important to stay motivated. When you have a good attitude and stay motivated, you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

How did you improve your self-esteem?

In general, positive internal dialogue is a big part of improving your self-esteem. If you catch yourself saying things like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m a failure’, you can start to turn things around by saying ‘I can beat this’ and ‘I can become more confident by viewing myself in a more positive way’.

Self-esteem is a very important part of our overall well-being. It is the sense of self-worth that we feel and it is important to feel good about ourselves. Some ways that you can improve your self-esteem include:

1. developing a positive attitude towards yourself – concentrate on the good things about yourself and be grateful for what you have.

2. setting achievable goals for yourself – don’t be afraid to set some ambitious goals for yourself, but make sure that you are able to achieve them.

3. accepting compliments – it can be difficult to accept compliments, but it is important to do so. Remember that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so don’t compare yourself to others.

4. taking care of your physical appearance – make sure that you look and feel your best. This can include things like taking regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and wearing stylish clothes.

5. building relationships with positive people – it is important to have positive relationships with others. This can include people that you know well, as well as people that you meet online.

6. talking about your problems – it can be difficult to talk about our problems, but it is important to do so. Talking about our problems can help us to overcome them.

7. seeking professional help – if self-esteem is an issue that is affecting your life in a negative way, then it may be worth seeking professional help. There are many different types of professional help available, so it is important to speak to a therapist or counsellor about your problem.

What are 5 things you can do to improve your confidence?

Boost your self image. If failure is getting you down, just remember that there is always a solution. Set realistic goals. You know your talents and strengths. Get on the positive thoughts track. Actions and body language speak louder than thoughts. Increase your will power.

1. Seek out positive reinforcement.
2. Practice self-compassion.
3. Find a support group.
4. Make a list of your accomplishments.
5. Be honest with yourself and others.

What are 10 ways to improve self-esteem?

Have a positive attitude. Don’t be ashamed to talk to friends. Get up and get moving. Do something with a purpose. Put things off until the next day. Listen to your body. Make sure you eat right. Set time aside for yourself.

1. Understand that self-esteem is a relative term. Some people may have high self-esteem, while others may have low self-esteem. It is important to remember that everyone experiences self-esteem differently. There is no one “right” way to have high self-esteem.
2. Focus on your strengths. Be honest with yourself and list the things that make you feel good about yourself. Remember to focus on the good, not the bad.
3. Express your feelings. When something feels wrong with your self-esteem, talk to someone about it. It can be helpful to have a trusted friend or family member who you can talk to about your feelings.
4. Take care of yourself. Make sure to get enough exercise, eat a healthy diet, and get enough sleep. Taking care of yourself will help boost your self- esteem.
5. Set and achieve goals. When you have goals that you are motivated to achieve, your self-esteem will increase. Set small goals that you can easily achieve, and then work your way up to larger goals.
6. Get involved in activities that matter to you. Doing things that make you happy and feel worthwhile is a great way to boost your self-esteem.
7. Celebrate your successes. When you achieve something significant, celebrate it! This will help you feel good about yourself and remind you that success is possible.
8. Appreciate the little things. Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a compliment, or a kind word to boost your self-esteem.
9. Be honest with yourself. If you find that you are making negative comparisons to yourself, talk to someone about it. It is important to have a healthy self-image, and it is possible to rebuild your self-esteem if you talk to someone about it.
10. Seek professional help. If you feel like your self-esteem is low and you are not able to improve it on your own, it may be worth considering seeking professional help. A therapist or counselor can help you understand your feelings and figure out a plan of action to improve your self-esteem.

How can I improve as a person?

Think Before You Speak. Words can carry a lot of weight. Embrace Change. Change helps us grow as individuals. Be Grateful. Do the Right Thing. Use Your Strengths. Address Your Weaknesses. Take Care of Yourself. Be a Hero.

There is no single answer to this question as it depends on each individual. However, some ways in which people can improve as persons include being honest and truthful, exercising regularly, and being friendly and helpful to others. Additionally, it is important to set goals for oneself, to be resilient in the face of setbacks, and to maintain a positive outlook on life.