How Do I Motivate Myself When All Is Pointless

Motivation can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, it feels like all we can do is sit around and mope, or we can’t seem to get out of our own way. But sometimes, all we need is a little push. And that’s where motivation comes in. Motivation can be a powerful tool, and it can be used to help us do everything from stay on track with our goals, to push through when we’re feeling down, to stay energized when we’re feeling tired. There are a lot of different ways to motivate ourselves, and it really depends on what we’re looking for. Sometimes, all we need is a personal reminder. Other times, we might need something more tangible, like a reward for reaching our goals. But whatever it is, we need to find it, and use it. Because without it, we might as well give up.
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How do I motivate myself when all is pointless?


Motivation can be a tricky thing. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the negative and feel like all is pointless. But motivation is key to getting through tough times. It can be helpful to think about what motivates you. Some things that can motivate you may be: your goals, your dreams, your loved ones, your achievements. Whatever gets you fired up and ready to take on the world is what you should aim for. When everything seems hopeless, remember that there is always hope. You can always find a way to get through anything if you put your mind to it. So don’t give up on yourself. Remember, you are worth it.

Can understand your situation that led to reach social media for a second opinion.
There are people who lost everything, had greatest disagreements, facing severe consequences, and yet trying to give their best to make peace with their challenges.
Do not worry, pal. You already passed at least another 30 hours since you posted your question?? Life moves on, time passes by quickly, so do people around you.
No one cares what you feel and what you are going through. So, it’s all about you who have to pull up the socks and roll up the sleeves to pick up the broken pieces and start with them.
You are still worth of many things, good health, and blessed with all basic things around you.
You already have the basic resources to continue with the rest of your goals which are left behind. Do not expect anyone from social media will understand your life and give a perfect solution or bring miraculous strategy to improve your situation.
If you are still earning a little, spare the money worth a meal a week… If you can wake up early, start stretching your body for 10 mins a day and that sums up 300 mins a month? Could you think of doing exercise 5 hours (300 mins) a day or a week?
Life is awesome my friend and we are the writers for our story … Start fresh and let’s aim a little more ☺️

”How do you motivate yourself when you have nothing to do?”

Act as If You Feel Motivated. Argue the Opposite. Practice Self-Compassion. Use the 10-Minute Rule. Go For a Walk in Nature. Pair a Dreaded Task With Something You Enjoy. Manage Your To-Do List. Practice Self-Care.

When I have nothing to do, I usually find something to do that I would enjoy. For example, I might watch a movie, read a book, or play video games. I also try to find things to do that will help me learn or train new skills.

Why do I have no motivation for nothing?

Low and no motivation can be a sign of a serious problem like depression or anxiety. For example, for people who are chronically anxious, everything they need to do can feel scary and hard because they’re constantly thinking of what could go wrong or ways they’re inadequate.

There are many possible reasons why someone might have no motivation for doing something. Maybe the person has no interest in the task at hand, or they are feeling overwhelmed and don’t think they can accomplish it. Sometimes, people just don’t have the energy to get started. Whatever the reason, it can be tough to get the motivation to start anything, let alone continue with it. If you find that you’re having difficulty getting yourself going, here are a few things you can do to try and jump start your motivation:

1. Get organized. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be tough to find the energy to get started. One way to help is to get your thoughts organized. Set a timer for 30 minutes and start working on a task that you don’t really care about, but that you know you should get done. Once the timer goes off, stop and take a break. This will help you to focus on the task at hand and make it less overwhelming.

2. Find a partner. Sometimes, it’s easier to get motivation if you have someone to share the task with. If you don’t have any friends who are interested in doing something together, try looking for a community or group that you can join. This will give you the opportunity to meet new people and share your ideas with others.

3. Be realistic. Sometimes, it’s helpful to think about the task at hand in a realistic way. If you’re trying to get motivated to exercise, for example, start by thinking about how much easier it will be once you’ve completed the first few minutes. Once you’ve got that first bit of momentum, it will be easier to continue.

4. Celebrate your successes. When you start to see progress on the task at hand, it can be helpful to celebrate that success. This can be as simple as taking a break, eating a snack, or buying yourself a little treat. Just knowing that you’re making progress can be a huge boost of motivation.

What causes having no motivation?

Lack of motivation may be caused by stress, life changes, or underlying mental health conditions like adjustment disorder or depression. Low motivation can be remedied with activities that increase dopamine output, like physical exercise, behavioral activation, mindfulness, psychotherapy, and for some, medication.

Motivation is a necessity for any individual in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Motivation can come from a wide variety of sources, such as positive reinforcement, rewards, or punishments. Motivation can also come from a sense of duty or responsibility. In some cases, motivation may be lacking because of a lack of interest or enjoyment in the task at hand.

Why do I have no drive to do anything?

Avolition is often a symptom of schizophrenia, a mental disorder that affects how you think, feel, and act. It can also be a sign of severe depression or a side effect of certain medicines. If you don’t get treatment, avolition can affect every part of your life, from your relationships to your job.

I have no drive to do anything because of my depression. I have no motivation to do anything because I feel like I’m not good enough. I don’t care about anything because I feel like I’ll always be alone.

Why do I feel lazy and unmotivated?

There are scientifically proven reasons why you feel tired and unmotivated. We’re all dealing with anxiety, stress, sadness, uncertainty, and helplessness—and we can’t even rely on our normal routines for comfort.

I usually feel lazy and unmotivated when I don’t have anything to do. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when there’s nothing to look forward to. I don’t feel like working because I don’t think it will be worth it. I also feel unmotivated when I’m with people. I feel like I’m not contributing anything and it’s uncomfortable.