How To Become a Mentalist [Full Guide]

One of the foundations for learning mentalism is the psychology behind it. Are you here because you want to learn the basics of mentalism? Would you like to learn to read the mind? Do you want to access the sixth sense?

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Mentalism is the view that some mental states are about other things, or represent objects. These objects may be physical objects, as in perceptions of them; they may be abstract entities such as numbers.



Reading minds is an activity that attracts many people. That is why many would like to become a mentalist. If like many others, you want to find out how to master mentalism, this is the place for you. This full and detailed article will guide you on the way to becoming a mentalist: whether you are a person who believes in mentalism, or if you are already a mentalist, or maybe you are just curious to know more. Whatever the case, we’re starting to understand in detail how to become a mentalist.

Mentalism and Mind Reading 


If you want to get to know mentalism, psychology is very important. To become a mentalist, you need to learn to use your ability to use the five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense. You need to improve your ability to read body language to create the illusion of being able to read minds. You need to understand how you can influence people with hypnosis and hidden tips.

Let’s start with the first question you are probably asking yourself: is mentalism a real thing? Is a mentalist a “real thing”? Yes, mentalists are real. Mentalists exist. And I would add that you too can learn to become a mentalist.

As mentioned above, a mentalist is someone who uses the five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense. With many techniques, from psychology to reading body language.

The mentalist’s sixth sense illusion is the ability to read minds. Although in reality, mentalists don’t read minds. They use different forms of the psychology of mentalism to create their illusion.


How can I become a mentalist?

becoming a mentalist 

If you’ve asked yourself this question, you have to believe in yourself first. Understand that there is a lot of psychology to become a mentalist. It is not just about learning the art of psychology of mentalism, but also about having great confidence in yourself. To be a mentalist, you have to be confident and feel very safe! Think about when you will appear hundreds, if not thousands, of people!


Becoming a mentalist also includes the following:

  • Be able to quickly and quickly assess the person in front of you.
  • Can read body language.
  • Be able to trust your judgment and believe in what you read from the body language of your “goal”. Your “goal” is the person you have chosen and who you will “read”.
  • Having the ability to identify physical cues in humans means improving your ability to read the little details that people exude with their body language.
  • First, try using your friends or family as guinea pigs to learn the art of reading body language. You will learn to teach your mind-reading skills or your sixth sense.
  • Learn to discover lies and truth.
  • Learn to ask key questions, that is, questions that determine your “goal” to tell you exactly the things that will lead to the answer you want. But without you noticing or understanding what you’re doing.

But what exactly does a mentalist do?

As mentioned above, a mentalist uses his five senses and the secrets of psychology to achieve his goals. In particular, it uses its powerful ability to read and influence others.

Learn to read others

Learning to read others has already been partially explained and essentially concerns reading body language. First of all, we recommend that you deepen this topic and deal in detail with the art of reading body language (also with all other articles on our website).

Learn to influence others

What I mean by “influencing others” is influencing what the person thinks with “mind control”.

Mind control can be achieved in two main ways: The first is through hypnosis, which is an excellent ability to try to do yours if you are an aspiring mentalist. The second of these skills lies in using the “hidden proposal”. It seems that you have read the thoughts of your “subject” when in reality you have simply planted this idea in his thoughts. Being able to implant ideas and thoughts is a very powerful skill to learn.

How do I become a mentalist? Practice!

Mentalism is like a sport. The more you practice, the better. Before you show your skills to others, you need to make sure you are good at what you do. You have to convince yourself. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror and studying every part of your face. Start studying your students, emotions can be interpreted by the students: small students mean a bad experience, while advanced students mean a good experience.

Try to find out if this works for you by imagining bad and good experiences. If you can, try your friends or relatives. It may seem absurd to you because you think you already know a large part of your life, but believe me, it is not. Tell them in advance what your intentions are and ask them to be very honest. You will be surprised at the myriad of things you don’t know about them.

Learn the techniques


One way to become a good mentalist is to learn to trust your instincts and trust your judgment before drawing conclusions or observations. You have to have the situation under control. This is how FBI agents become good detectives. They are good observers and this enables them to interpret even the smallest changes in the body, facial expressions, to better study human nature. There are many general assessment techniques that you can use on another person.

how to be a mentalistFor example, if you notice a slight shadow on a person’s left ring finger, it likely means that the person is divorced because they were likely to have faith and therefore trust your instincts. Tell him she will be amazed. However, we both know that you have only used your observation skills. To stay with this topic, I want to talk to you about another technique called cold reading: it is a very simple trick that works for people who make very likely assumptions that make you believe that you are a clairvoyant. Let me give you an example of how many people have a scar on part of the body? Everyone has a scar, right? A simple guess that can make you believe in a clairvoyant!

Learn to read body signals

Who doesn’t hate lies? I think you don’t like them lying to you, do you? If you answer yes, you learn something about mentalism. A mentalist’s job is to get information from someone without opening their mouths. How do you do this by perceiving and identifying the body’s signals? If you find yourself in a situation where you feel tense, you might be able to use words to make you believe something else to mitigate things, but does your body match your words? Remember that the way you move, stand, or sit, or even the way you move your hands can tell you how you feel. For example, a person who is lying shows

  • Verbal/non-verbal separation (occurs, for example, when a person nods in agreement while saying “No” or shakes his head and says “Yes”).
  • Clearing of the throat or swallowing.
  • Behavioral pause or delay (a pause or delay before answering a question can reveal a lot).
  • Hand-face connection (continuous face/hand contact indicates that you are lying).
  • Heavy sweating.
  • Hide your mouth or eyes.


Have you ever noticed that football coaches always chew a butt when the players are on the field? If you noticed, what do you think is the reason why they chew cigarette butts so hard? As a mentalist, you should be able to answer this question in a jiffy, saying that coaches are likely to be nervous and that butts are just a distraction. This is the life of a mentalist: seeing, perceiving, and interpreting body language.

On your journey, learn how to become a mentalist as much as possible about the signals and body language and their meaning. Trust me: you will leave people incredulous if you show what you can do.

Improve your observation skills

How can you improve your observation skills? This means not only that you improve your memory skills, but also that you pay more attention to the small details that others may not notice. Improving your observation skills is very easy, but it requires some effort. Let me give you an example of how you can immediately improve your sense of observation: when you walk on the street or go to work or school, look around and try to notice things that you did not notice before.

Remember that you need to practice on a route, place, or path that you know and that you keep visiting. Do it for a while, maybe a week or so. If you do this, you will get used to it and it will be something you can do subconsciously. By improving your sense of observation. Test yourself first. For example, when walking down a street, try to look behind you for a second and write down what you see. If you find that you can remember the color of the clothes the people behind you are wearing without turning around again, you are on the right track to becoming a mentalist. If you can’t, try again until you can.

After all, Rome was not built in a day.


The mirroring is self-explanatory. It happens when two people sit opposite each other. From the English word “mirror”, mirror. For a mentalist to hypnotize someone, they have to “mirror” their customers to establish a deeper connection with these people. In this way, the other feels more comfortable when speaking to him. They can also “mirror” themselves in their body language without noticing it. For example, if you touch the chin, it will touch your chin. If you do other things that they do, you will be amazed that the other person does not notice what you are doing nine times out of ten.

Mirroring not only imitates body language but also copies the breathing pattern or tone of voice. Mirroring can also occur when you are not physically together, e.g. B. by phone calls or text messages. You will find that after a while people will be ready to give you more information and will feel comfortable around you. Mirroring is not a topic that many people talk about, but as advice to get to know mentalism, you should add it to your list of topics to “study” it. It will be an important step to becoming mentalist.

The more you listen, the better you can listen

This sentence is also self-explanatory. It means that you have to be a good listener. If you want to be a good mentalist, learn the art of listening and reading between the lines. People tend to reveal more about themselves than they realize. What does a mentalist do? Listen, listen, and listen until he can grasp something that has been indirectly revealed.


They do this by connecting the dots and making connections with what has been said. Your audience will be surprised if you tell them something about their life. What they don’t know is that what you told them was unconsciously revealed to them. If you want to learn mentalism, listen to boring and long stories, and remember to pay attention to every single word. Otherwise, you risk losing important information that could reveal something about that person’s life. For this reason, enduring lengthy and endless stories is part of learning how to become a mentalist. You have to accept it.

For example, think of psychiatrists who spend most of their time listening to their patients and talking about fears, concerns, and problems. For them to be good at what they do, they need to pay special attention to every single word that is said. This gives them a deeper understanding of what their patients are going through. And if a patient is dishonest or doesn’t tell the truth, the doctor can notice this and take the necessary action. So also the mentalist.

Train your mind

Mentalism is like a labyrinth. You have to be very careful when you get involved, otherwise, you will lose yourself and not achieve your goals. When you learn how to become a mentalist, you need to know how to train the mind. How does it work? You can try starting with mental games like Sudoku, solving complex puzzles, or playing chess.

You will also find that meditation is a very useful activity: to be in a state where the mind relaxes to a state of consciousness so that you focus your attention on the present moment by distracting your attention from misleading thoughts. Meditation makes you smarter; transforms pain when trying to relieve depression. Meditation is an excellent activity for our brain.

Also, keep in mind that one of the advantages of knowing about mentalism is that most of the things you learn will help you become a better person. You can also choose to please mentalism not so much for the performance of yourself or others, but for yourself. That is why we wrote above that mentalism makes you a better person when you start to master it and to understand.

Did you know that there is a fine line between the brain and the mind? You may be wondering what we mean by this: Well, the brain is the physical organ in which the mind is. The mind is the manifestation of emotions, thoughts, determination, memory, and imagination.

All things happen in the brain. Animals have a brain, of course, but do they have a mind? An animal can interpret the environment in which it is located but does not fully understand it. The mind distinguishes people from other living beings, but that doesn’t mean that everyone thinks the same way. A good mentalist can connect the brain to the mind to interpret thoughts. He also knows how to make better decisions than other people.

a mentalist

Believe in yourself

If you want to learn how to become a mentalist, build your confidence first. Believe in yourself before standing in front of an audience. And by the audience, we mean a single person or a hundred. Confident people get a lot more than shy people, I mean, just look around.

Confidence is always a winner, with this confidence you can go far. A salesperson who is not sure will not bring home as many results. A mentalist is like a salesperson, the only difference is that the mentalist sells himself. A good mentalist will be able to speak to people in a tone that instills confidence so that the other party will no doubt believe what is being said.

A good mentalist imposes himself on other people and tells them exactly what they want to hear or what they think they hear. Do you stutter when you speak to your boss? Do you look the person you like in the eye when you speak to them? Answer these questions and find out how far you have to go to become a mentalist. The good thing is that you can learn to be confident, it takes time, but the moral is that you can learn.

Don’t let your lack of security burn your dreams. Don’t think that you can’t become a good mentalist because of your insecurity. Your dreams are still there; you just have to work harder on them. Teach yourself how to talk to people, win their respect, and make them laugh. Yes, having a sense of humor and making others laugh is part of being a good mentalist. Whatever you do, leave your shyness, it is useless and will not help you.


What are you waiting for? Learn how to become a mentalist and you will appreciate yourself even more.

Be creative

What is creativity? Creativity causes a mentalist to use his imagination to produce artistic work. Creativity plays a very important role in becoming a mentalist. But not only that: part of mentalism is to make correct assumptions. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

What do we mean? These assumptions may not always be correct and a good mentalist will know how to deviate from such situations to avoid embarrassment. A mentalist must always remain calm under such circumstances, pretend nothing has happened, and hope that the next guess is correct.

Unfortunately, learning mentalism doesn’t teach you to be creative. You will learn this as you grow and improve over time. But the more you practice mentalism, the more creative you get with experience.

Be yourself

To be yourself means to act naturally based on your instinct and character. Knowing the mentality doesn’t help you much. To be yourself is something that you decide yourself. It means waking up one morning and becoming what you always imagined. It is not as easy as it seems, but it is not difficult either. You just need to follow these three steps to understand who you are:

Develop awareness of your feelings and thoughts: This involves removing negative feelings or thoughts from your mind. Develop an awareness of the quality of your thinking, let go of your old beliefs, and live in the present.

Follow your wishes: this is the biggest step in the search to understand who you are. Most of the time, we feel committed to others, whether they are our parents, friends, or relatives, and in the end, we don’t follow our dreams. Most of us have long ignored our desires and it is time to stop and let go.

Look for the inner child in you: do you sometimes want to return to your tenth year? Think about how kids are always free and they don’t care what others think about them. They are cozy and always live in the moment. It is not always easy to live a carefree life because we adults are responsible as opposed to children, but we believe that you can get in touch with your inner child from time to time. Because that’s the real you.

If you follow these three steps, your life will never be the same again. You will understand that life is not difficult; It just depends on how you take it and how you deal with situations.

Being yourself will also be an important step forward in your research on how to become a mentalist.

Mentalism for your career

As mentioned above, mentalism is learned like any other course or subject. It is an art that can be learned from books or the internet. Maybe our universities will include a learning mentality in their programs in the near or far future, who knows? The world is changing at an alarming rate.

Almost all wizards are mentalists because this is an essential skill in their career. Other people who have dealt with mentalism in depth are professionals such as psychiatrists and investigators. When we were growing up, our parents and teachers always advised us to choose a job that focused on something we love.

For example, if you have a passion for mentalism, you can become a profiler who “profiles” criminal subjects and, trust me, is the best detective in your department. This is because when you do a good job, you have to do something that you have a passion for. If you want to take away your dreams, choose a job where you can use your mentalistic skills. This way you earn by doing what you want.

Key questions: “guided” or “suggestive” questions

What are the main questions of the title? The “guided” or “suggestive” questions are questions in which the respondent, based on his wording, gives the answers we would like to receive.

Questions that suggest the answer. Guided questions lead people in a certain direction, exactly where they should be led. It is remarkable that key questions do not necessarily have to be expressed in words, but that you can also lead people through body language or even the tone of voice.


“Guided” questions are part of the working tools of a good mentalist. For this reason, it is very important to know how and when to use them. Learning mentalism from books and other materials will give you the knowledge you need to use and ask these questions. Why? Because they suspect that a mentalist has supernatural powers: people do not realize that the questions asked are vague and that they fill their gaps with the mentalist.

Learn how to “implant” ideas into people’s minds

Bringing ideas into a person’s head is a crucial part of how to become a mentalist, as it is very easy to do and difficult to avoid. When you come up with an idea, let someone think of something without them realizing it. Let

We give you an example of how a seller can use it to his advantage: Buyer: “How much does a four GB memory card cost?”

– Commission: “Ten euros.”

Buyer: “Actually I only need two GB, to save my files … “

– Committed:” Four GB is big enough if you don’t think you will need more space if you need to add more files shortly… “

Did you notice in the last sentence what the seller did? He thought of the buyer that four GB might not be enough for him. This is because, through the clerk’s words, the buyer realized that the files would grow over time and therefore more storage space would be required. Most likely, the buyer will end up spending more on buying a larger storage tool.

Implanting ideas is a very simple task, but be careful while you practice them: it can also be dangerous and should never be used with bad intentions. It is always better to make your thoughts known than to use indirect methods to mislead others.


How to become a mentalist course

One of the many ways to become a mentalist is by attending a mentalism course. There are mentalism courses offline but in this day and age, there is no need for them as there are many good online mentalism courses online. One of the best online mentalism courses is called “master mentalism” and you can check it out here. It reveals all the hidden secrets of becoming a jaw dropping illusionist.

This online mentalsim course has these adventeges:

  • Interesting Approach for mentalism
  • Great Value for people interested in mentalism
  • Uncover Most Thrilling Tricks never uncovered before
  • It aims To Help beginners on advanced in the field of mentalism
  • No Sneaky Pricing Tactics – what you see is what you get
  • No Problem if You are a beginner – it will walk you through all the needed steps
  • Money-Back Guarantee, so you can try it risking nothing

Its approach on hot topics like hypnosis, street magic and mind reading is phenomenal, as it details step-by-step how YOU can easily harness these “powers” to amaze an audience. you can find more online mentalism courses on Udemy but the course i mentioned is probably the best out there.


One of the positive things about trying to become a mentalist is the ability to learn a lot on the go. When you are a student, you become more responsible and get better grades. But you can also easily become more determined in life and achieve important goals. Follow your intuitions and desires at work and learn how to become a mentalist. It will help you. After all, you only live once.

The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to embark on this journey becominga mentalist is never to give up. It will not be an easy journey, some disappointments here and there are inevitable, but nothing is easy in this world. You have to work hard for everything, put your mind, heart, and soul into everything important to you, and whatever you are looking for, you will get it. If you think it’s difficult today, how did people learn these concepts twenty years ago when the internet wasn’t available to everyone? This brings us to the next point: on the Internet. Everything you need to know to become a mentalist is available online. Watch videos on YouTube, buy books on Amazon, or do anything

Another thing that you have to use is time. It takes years to master the main concepts of mentalism. So you have to be patient if you want to achieve your goals. Many people want to be mentalists, but after they know the whole process, they give up. Are you that kind of person? I hope not. Learning mentalism should be fun, if you don’t like it, it’s not for you. Don’t expect to learn how to master mentalism in a week or a month or risk being very disappointed and you will give up everything. It takes time. Focus on perfecting your skills, which can take years.

What we told you in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. This long journey offers a lot more, and we assure you that you will have fun and be interesting.

Now it’s up to you. Good luck.

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