How To Get My Ex Back 3 Phase Plan And 12 Tips

I know you want to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back as soon as possible.
That’s not a good strategy.
Powerful psychological techniques are required to reach your goal.
I work with couples and psychologists.
I have a lot of experience with questions about dates.
I don’t know how to get my ex back.
It’s time to stop texting.
For a meeting, think of a good excuse.
How did you get over your ex?

Stop snooping on my ex!

You don’t know what you have until you lose it, that’s the saying.
If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend left you, this applies as well.
You will discover that he or she is simply fantastic.
Be careful, but be careful too!
No matter how great he or she is, you need to hold back.
So stop:
Constantly looking at her account on Facebook.
Constantly texting.
All-day you were thinking about your ex.
It just doesn’t do the right thing.
It will make you feel worse when you miss your ex.
You are reminded of the fact that you and your ex are not together anymore.
Taking your mind off your ex will allow you to think about nicer things.
Will you be attractive to your ex again once you feel better?
If you keep chasing after him or her, he or she will go crazy.
You give the impression of desperation.
If someone kept texting you, how would you feel?
You will probably think that the person is pathetic.
You don’t want to convey that to your ex.
I have a challenge for you.
Imagine not being able to have a relationship with your ex.
What do you want to do after that?
Are you planning to travel to the sea?
Is it possible to see family and friends more frequently?
Pretend you won’t be able to get your ex back.
This shows that you don’t need your ex at all and that you have a burning desire for him.
Your ex may think of things like…
Did she misplace me?
I am not able to hear anything anymore.
I don’t miss him very much.
I was wondering if I made the wrong decision.
He or she will be occupied by all these thoughts.
The desire will return to your ex if you hold off for a few weeks.
It means fantasizing if there is no news.
You’ve probably met a person who is still in love even though they don’t know much about each other.
What happened to this?
If they don’t know anything, it will be seen as positive.
The other is seen as a perfect match.
If you don’t check-in for a while, you will leave your ex to figure out what happened.
The bad traits will fade away when he focuses on the positives.
The desire returns!
How likely are you to get your ex back?
You can find out what percentage chance you have of getting your ex back by taking a test.

Step 2 is ‘How to get my ex back.

It’s time to see each other again after you’ve been away for some time.
What is the best way to proceed?
You’re not asking for a date, a second chance, or a good bed story.
If you want to see your ex again, you have to come up with a stupid excuse.
You have to see them again.
It’s a good idea to see your ex.
There are some examples of phone calls.

I don’t know how to get my ex back.

A new meeting example.
Can you tell me how you are?
Remember when we wanted to go to the museum again?
I still feel like going to the museum with him even though our relationship is over.
We leave as friends.
We don’t hate each other after our relationship.
Are there any psychological tricks I used here?
A promise was made that you would go to the museum.
People want to live up to their promises.
You meet up in public.
There are no false expectations here.
You’re asking a rhetorical question because you don’t hate each other, but he or she mentally says “yes, right.”

I don’t know how to get my ex back.

A new meeting example.
We had a lovely beach vacation last year and I was thinking about it.
We are going to the beach with a friend and I thought maybe you could join us.
Just as friends.
Take your friend with you as well.
Let me know!
Are there any psychological tricks I used here?
A good experience that has your ex reliving an experience with all the feelings that go with it.
Invite a friend over so you’re not alone together, but still see each other (you might hook up afterward but take this as an intermediary).
You say that you meet as friends.
“Just let me know!”, you say.
This shows that rejection is not a big deal.
These are only examples, of course.
It’s important to come up with an excuse for the meeting.
The following requirements can be met by this pretense.
Something you did earlier has to be the reason for it.
Positive emotions and feelings are conjured up by him.
You want to meet amicably.
The meeting is informal.
The first example shows you asking a rhetorical question that will let your ex take a positive attitude towards meeting you.
Your ex has the chance to say no.
You should make sure it doesn’t come to that with the other tips.
You’re one step closer to getting your ex back if you arrange your meeting this way.
Not enough.
How do you convince your ex to fall in love with you again?

How do you get your ex back?

You’ve conquered your ex-boyfriend, right?
What were you doing at that time?
What were you talking about?
What can you wrap your ex with?
Think about what it was when you traveled back in time.
Some examples…
Your ex was always amused by your jokes.
You enjoyed going to dinner together.
No matter where you went, you and your ex had sexual tension.
You joked with your ex.
You guys enjoyed walking together.
The music that you and your ex-love are the same.
Think about what you did with each other.
This shouldn’t be difficult since you know what turns your ex.
You can evoke your ex’s positive feelings in this way.
“Hey, actually, we had it pretty good together, why shouldn’t I want that back?” your ex will ask.
If you want your ex to love you again, don’t try to convince them with logical arguments, but with feelings.
Your ex will resist if you try to convince them with fake arguments.
Your ex is going to think that she wants me back.
It is not in vain for us.
You positively approach the matter by stimulating these feelings.
You don’t challenge your ex because you emphasize the good of your relationship.
Don’t show that you want your ex back if you approach it this way.
You still stay cool if your ex wants you back.
If you seem to have doubts then it’s even better.
Let’s try again.
There are 12 additional tips to get your ex back.
The basis for getting your ex back is the 3-phase plan.
When trying to win your ex back, there’s more you need to consider.
I will give you 12 additional tips to get your ex back.
The chances of winning your ex’s back will increase greatly thanks to these tips.
I don’t know how to get my ex back.

The first thing to do is avoid all contact with your ex.

You already learned not to spy on your ex in step 1 of the 3-phase plan.
You should pay more attention to that.
For the first month after your relationship, avoid contact with your ex.
It’s the best way to get your ex back.
Both of you are very emotional in the beginning.
These feelings are constantly changing.
A lot of pain can be a result of lovesickness.
Time to yourself is needed to overcome these feelings.
Every memory of your ex causes a wound to reopen.
This applies to your ex as well.
Take care of yourself and don’t seek contact with your ex for a month.
The fastest way to get over lovesickness is to get your ex back.

Make yourself happy, that’s the second thing.

Who has a more charismatic personality?
They hang their heads when they mourn behind their ex.
Or the people who picked themselves up and are happy again?
Yes, the latter.
During the month that you’re away from your ex, you must do things that make you happy.
You focus on becoming the most attractive version of yourself while your ex wonders what you’re doing now and starts to miss you.
A makeover can also do you good, but I don’t necessarily mean your appearance.
Most of the time, I mean how good you feel.
They spread good vibes when someone is feeling good.
That makes you attractive to him.
Exercise, hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, picking up an instrument, throw yourself into your work are all things that make you happy.
These things must not remind you of your previous relationship.
You will most likely fall back into grief as soon as you do something related to your ex.

In the beginning, don’t remember your ex.

Every memory of your former partner can be hurt when lovesickness is fresh.
It’s a song that makes you think of a place you’ve been with her.
It’s best to forget your ex at first.
Put away your gifts in a box, avoid the places you’ve been together, and remove all photos of you from your phone.
The only way to get over lovesickness is to follow tip 2.
You don’t have to destroy everything just because you want to avoid memories of your ex.
When you get your ex back, it’s hard to explain why your old memories suddenly vanished, but later you can look at things with a smile on your face.

Find out what happened to your relationship.

It’s obvious that you’re still in love with your ex and want him or her back.
Your relationship did not fall apart for anything.
Specific reasons were given for this.
It’s your job to figure out why you broke up.
It can be very clear in some cases.
A good reason to end a relationship is if you cheated on your partner.
Getting married or having children could not be agreed upon.
The whole thing is not always clear for some couples.
The relationship fell apart because of small disagreements.
There is another reason why it is not these small disputes.
Your partner was always annoyed when you went out with friends.
He or she could become angry with you after you go out again, as a result.
You felt limited in your relationship because of this.
That’s why you had so many arguments.
It wasn’t about the arguments, but about something else: your partner was afraid of losing you, had a greater need for contact and you wanted to do more of your own thing.
Try to find out the reason for your relationship.
This will give you a better idea of what your partner expects from you.
This will help you in your attempt to get your ex back.

Don’t discuss your relationship directly.

There is a temptation to talk about your relationship when you reconcile with your ex.
How stupid your relationship went, and why you find it a pity that you are no longer together are examples.
You need to talk a little about your relationship as possible.
Your ex will be suspicious of this.
He or she will think that you want something.
You will be much more successful if you treat your ex as a friend.
You have to have dumb conversations at the beginning about this.
How is your mother, how are your studies, work, do you still have a hobby?
That’s fine!
Before it gets serious again, you need to be able to talk about normal things.
If you want your ex to open up to you a lot more, try to start as bright and fun as possible.

Don’t make your ex jealous.

People try to make their ex jealous by coming to me.
They think that if my ex sees me with other men or women, he or she will be jealous and I will get my ex back.
It doesn’t work that way, the conspiracy failed.
It’s not all of a sudden that you have fallen in love with each other.
It can be hard to see someone else.
Is it because you’re so jealous that your ex comes back at you?
It does not work that way.
You are giving the impression that you are a loser who is trying to get your ex’s attention.
It’s not good to make your ex jealous by taking advantage of other people.
Not cool.
If you act like you did in Step 1 and are happy, you can make your ex jealous.
Your ex wants to know if you still think about her.
A lot of jealousy is created by this.
A happy person is more attractive than a person who is throwing themselves at everyone.

Don’t let your ex exploit you.

Your ex may see through that you still like him when you are in contact with him again.
It can be mutual.
Your ex can use this.
What would you do to get your relationship back together?
The strangest things can be requested by your ex if she is a little deceptive.
If your ex saw an exciting movie, then you should come over in the middle of the night.
She can’t do all the jobs your ex gives you because of the emotional chaos.
You will only allow yourself to be taken advantage of if you do everything your ex asks you to do.
Instead of getting back into a relationship with you, your ex will take advantage of you.
If you do everything your ex asks, you lose a lot of respect from your friends and family.
Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated and keep your self-esteem.

It is not too hard to play hard to get.

You don’t need to give in to your ex too quickly but play hard to get.
Don’t show your interest directly, but keep cool.
However, be careful not to get too carried away.
Is indifferent the same as hard to get?
Ask what he or she is doing right now.
You should show your ex that you like what he does.
Keep your cool, and what you want from your ex, in the meantime.
This also applies to your phone number.
As soon as your ex starts texting again, you will have butterflies in your stomach.
Wait a few minutes before you open this.
Don’t be too excited, but enthusiastically respond.
Well dosed!
If you don’t hear from me for a day, you can challenge your ex.
You will know that your ex is interested if he tries to get a reaction.
It’s too extreme to try and not answer for a few days.

9: Hang out with other people

It’s a good idea to surround yourself with other people when you’re not in contact with your ex.
You can always experience something beautiful with your friends.
A good way to get your ex back is to meet new people.
You might be wondering: Huh?
Why do I meet other people?
You know what it’s like to be with someone again.
It’s almost like a first date when you’re dating your ex for the first time.
It helps you get over lovesickness very quickly.
Meeting other people is enjoyable.
You get the feeling that other people like you the same way you do.
Social contact is the best way to overcome loneliness.
Go out and have fun with your friends.
You will see how good it was when you start dating your ex again.

What did you do wrong in the relationship?

People make mistakes.
After a relationship ends, it’s tempting to think about what your ex did wrong.
For example:
He never did anything to clean up.
He was always trying to understand everything.
He flirts with other women too much.
She wouldn’t let me do what I wanted.
He was always angry.
She wanted a fight.
And so on…
What could you have done better in the relationship, if you could look at it from the other side?
You can’t tell me you were the perfect partner.
Everyone has a share in a relationship break up.
In tip 4 you should think carefully about your relationship.
Why did your ex get mad at you?
Is there anything you could have done differently in your relationship?
If you can show that you have learned from your mistakes, you will be more attractive to your ex.
You are showing that you won’t get the same arguments again because of the mistakes you’ve made.
It’s positive for your ex if you admit your mistakes.

It’s not a good idea to become friends for a long time.

You have to build something up again if you haven’t been in touch with each other for a long time.
A bond that needs to be reconnected is a lot to discuss.
It’s not a good idea to talk about a relationship right away.
First of all, be friends!
Have dinner together, go on a trip, or do something nice with each other.
In real life and via social networks, talk to each other the same way they did before.
Make sure you communicate well with each other.
You should think about a relationship again after that.

How to start a new relationship.

You should talk about a relationship soon.
You could end up on the friendship track if you don’t do that.
How are you going to start?
You can address the positive aspects of your relationship.
You can try one of the sentences.
I miss the most about our relationship.
We could always discuss anything.
When did we go to Disneyland?
That was wonderful there, right?
We could make the stupidest jokes when we were together.
I have to think about how great our sex was.
The positive elements of your relationship can be addressed with these sentences.
Asking a rhetorical question like “Yes, that’s right” is the best way to get an answer from your ex.
The topic of relationships comes up again in this way.
You can take another look at this article if you don’t have enough ex-back tips.

It’s possible to win your ex back quickly.

I’m modest about it, but many people think that I’m an expert on dating, psychology, and relationships.
With the help of clear steps and specific instructions, you can get your ex back no matter what the situation is.
You will learn several things with my method.
You need to take some steps to get your ex back.
There is a way to stop fighting.
The ex will usually be attracted to you because of this trick.
Your ex’s subconscious is being affected by some psychological techniques.
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