Sales 101: Tips To Improve Your Selling Techniques

Better selling techniques mean more sales and here are some tips on how to do just this.

1) Concentrate On Making An Impact

Potentials buyers couldn’t really care less about your company’s products or services. That’s a fact that many sellers find hard to comprehend. Thing is, all potential buyers care about is what sort of impact your products or services can make to their organization.

For instance, let’s say you sell sales training. If you were to telephone a vice president of sales at any company and tell them that, they are unlikely to be interested. However, if you change the focus of your call to talk about the difference your training could make to their company, they are more likely to engage. Remember, all they want to do is close their sales faster and increase the productivity of their sales reps to improve their bottom line.

2) Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

Slowing down can be one of the hardest things to do, but it can actually help to accelerate your sales. When I initially began selling, I was super desperate to be successful. I would show off my exceptional product knowledge to potential customers. This meant fast and frequent closures. However, I started to find that the more I attempted to speed up the sales process up, the less likely prospects were to commit. They’d often raise questions and objections that I couldn’t address quickly. Once I learned not to rush and to distribute product information over a longer duration and via multiple meetings, my sales started to increase as did the value of the sales. Prospects can sense when you’re are worried about not getting a sale when you rush the sales process.

3) Pre-call Research Is Essential

To get your foot in the door with large firms, you can’t go down the approach of making 100s of generic cold calls and expecting to see results. Many corporations now don’t even answer calls from unknown numbers or they direct all calls to voicemail. They will delete voicemail messages that sound like a generic sales pitch within seconds. In order to gain the attention of corporate decision makers, you need to create a personalized message that includes lots of importance from in-depth research into each individual’s company. Do this and you should soon start to see yourself being about to set up more meetings.

4) Account Entry Campaigns Are Useful

Nowadays it takes on average between 7 and ten contacts in order to land a corporate account. The majority of sellers stop trying after 4 or 5 attempts. If you are looking to set up an in-person meeting with a corporation’s decision maker, plan for multiple contacts from the start. You need to be patience and persistence in order to break through, but it’s not impossible. Your contact campaigns can take multiple formations including email, voicemail, invitations to online seminars, direct mail and more.

5) Evaluate Your Sales Techniques From The Customer’s Perspective

What you say is not important, what matters is what a potential customer hears. For example, a few years back when I was attempting to reach a corporate decision maker, I decided to first leave a voicemail message on my own answering machine to see what it sounded like. I was appalled when I listened back to the message. I sounded very uninspiring. So, I spent time working on a script for my messages and kept leaving voicemails on my own phone until I had created something that I would respond to as a prospect.

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