self improvement and motivation – roundup 2

So you are curious to see what I found for you on the web this week on self improvement and motivation?

Here we go:

  • 9 Smart Career Moves To Earn A Raise, Get A New Job And More In 2017 – let’s start with some tips for career development. In this article Daniel Bortz gives 9 things we can do in order to get a new, better job or to get a raise in our current job. The problem is that people get too comfortable in their current situation. They get used to their salary and work conditions. Any change looks dangerous and they are afraid to “rock the boat”. Nevertheless, if you stand still in the current work environment, you start going backward. We should all strive to improve our condition and do the best we can.
  • Can you picture this? – Can you? Well, you should. In this article, Brian R. King talks about a subject that I, personally, find very interesting: Psycho-Cybernetics. Our self image influences our actions. When making use of supportive self-talk we bit by bit change our self image and by this, we open ourself for success.
  • Self-Expression- I AM Inspiration – this is not a regular post. You will not find there all the usual “the best 10” blah blah blah. What will you find there? An honest sharing of personal experience by a self development author, Chris Forte. We usually read self development authors theory, but in this case, we read Chris’s personal experience and this is what makes this post unique. We read about Chris’s journey where he fulfills the things he preaches about.
  • Why you should be more self-critical – We always hear reasons why we should go easy on ourselves. We must accept ourselves as we are and love ourselves. In this article, Adam Gale shows a different approach. He says “Don’t be too hard on yourself? Stop being a wimp. Our harshest critic can be our best friend if used properly.” you can agree with it or not but nevertheless this article is interesting to read.
  • 30 Self-Reflection Questions That Will Make You Reevaluate Your Life: when was the last time you sat down and take a good look at your life? Nicole YI from PopSugar gives us a list of 30 questions we should all ask ourselves from time to time. To be honest 30 questions are a bit too much for me so I divided them into groups and I am concentrating on one group at a time.
  • How to Maximize Your Motivation DailyMotivation is a needed ingredient for anyone who wishes to be successful in any field. Sure, few lucky ones can be successful instantly, but for most of us, success takes a lot of work. It is difficult to work and it takes a lot of efforts. The only thing that can make us “stick with it” is motivation. In this article, Kevin Kruse a bestselling author writes about ways we can keep ourselves motivated mentally and physically.
  • If These Guys Were Able to Fix Their Lives, You Can, Too – If you are like me, you are always looking for the real stories, the real people that made a change in their life. It is interesting to read about self improvement, but does it actually possible? In this post, Sridhar Pappu, bring to us some fascinating stories about people who made a real change in their life. Showing us that true change is possible, and it can and should be done. Go read it now and then start making your own change…

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