Self improvement and motivation – roundup 3

This week on the roundup I have some very interesting articles. interested in motivation? do you have the motivation to improve yourself? like to read about building a confidence? in this personal development and motivation roundup, you will find plenty of them both. good Self improvement and motivation articles are hard to come by. luckily for you, I have done the hard work and found the best self improvement and motivation articles of this week.

let’s begin:

  • Self-Improvement Tips: How You Can Confidently Talk To anyone – many people find it hard to talk to someone. Talking to your boss about a raise or starting a conversion with a girl you fancy, it doesn’t really matter. This article gives some great tips about how to be self-confident when talking to someone.
  • Column: Motivate yourself – in this column, Louie Marsh, a pastor of Christ’s Church on the River on the Parker Strip, say that different people get motivated by different things and in different ways. Not only have that, but even the same person can have different ways to motivate himself as he grows up. What I loved most about this post is that Louie Marsh shares a personal experience from his time in grade school.
  • When are self-help programs “helpful”? – Self-help programs sound fantastic when you here about them. After all what could be bad in a program designated on help you with your problems? In this post, Srini Pillay, explain how to choose the specific self-help program that fits you. As he says: “Given the increasing number of books, tapes, podcasts, programs, and apps that claim to provide self-help, it is important to think about a few principles that may help you choose a program and use its information more effectively. “
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation: Core skills in effective leaders – what is self-awareness and how it can make us better? In this article, John Chappelear explains how to be more self-aware and self-regulate
  • ‘Motivation Is Garbage’  – well this is not my opinion but the opinion of Mel Robins, a motivational speaker, and former clinical defense attorney, brought by Emma Brancatisano in this post. “At some point, we were all built into this lie that we need to feel ready in order to change. We bought into this falsehood that at some point, we’re going to have the courage… it’s complete garbage,” Robbins said. Robbins claims that hesitation is the cornerstone of our problems. You want to know why and what to do about it? Well, you will have to watch the video to find out.
  • 6 Easy Ways To Become Confident From Scratchbuilding a confidence is a topic that I spend a lot of time thinking about. In this article, the author gives us 6 methods we can use right now to increase our self-confidence. What I liked most about the article is that we can apply this method on day to day basis.
  • Senior Life: Learning how to turn boredom into motivation – although this article is addressed for seniors I think that everyone will find it useful. In this interesting article, Robert M. Olson, explains how Robert M. Olson boredom”  boredom can become a blessing rather than a curse” as he says in the article.
  • How to fix your limited attention span and worrying habit – can we train our brain to act differently? Can we overcome anxiety and limited attention span?  Caroline Williams wrote a book called “Override” where she explain how one can change the way his brain operates and overcome his difficulties.

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