Should I Separate Make The Right Decision With 8 Questions (Self-Test)

It’s not an easy decision to break up a relationship.
When your feelings for the other were so strong, you made a promise to him or her that you would always be together.
It’s even more difficult if there are children involved, because you have to take their needs into account.
Should I stay with my partner or should I break up?
If you don’t know if you should break up with your partner or stay with him, I recommend that you read the article very quickly.
There are some questions that you should ask yourself and with the help of which you will be able to make a decision.
There are some questions that will be discussed here.
Do you still enjoy spending time with your partner?
Can you tell me what the problems are in your marriage?
Isn’t your problem an excuse?
Have you spoken to your partner about your problems?
Are you willing to work on your problems with each other?
Do you only stay for the kids?
Is it possible that you are afraid of being alone?
Is relationship therapy something you have considered?

Should I break up?

It’s the most important question when considering a divorce and we want to start with it.
You can’t stay together if you don’t love each other anymore.
A loveless marriage will benefit your partner just as much as you do.
Without a foundation, the house will collapse, and love forms the foundation of a good marriage.
Love is a concept that is hard to define, so it may be difficult to answer this question.
Maybe you value your partner very much because he or she is who you are.
It’s easy to confuse that with love, even though that’s not the same thing.
You should first read the article to the end if you can’t answer the question clearly at the moment.
This answer will probably be easier to find with the help of the other questions.
If you can say that you don’t love your partner anymore, I would advise you to file for divorce.
How likely are you to get your ex back?
What percentage chance do you have of getting your ex back?

Can you tell me about the problems in your marriage?

If you’re considering divorce, you should make a list of your problems.
It is crucial that you get a better overview of your situation.
It is much easier to look for possible solutions once you have created an overview.
If you’re willing to work on the problems seriously, they can be solved.
Some of the problems are not likely to be solved.
You won’t be able to change anything if you discover that you are too different at key points in your relationship.
No matter how much they love each other, some people can’t live together.
You need to realize that your marriage can’t have a good future if the latter is the case.
The best solution is the Schidung.
You will still be able to save your marriage if your problems can be solved.

Shouldn’t you be using your problems as an excuse to break up?

If you answered the last question correctly, you may have found that your problems can be solved if you both work on them.
You thought your problems were impossible.
Even though your problems have been solved, you might still think that you should get a divorce.
Chances are you are using the issues as an excuse.
You want to divorce and are looking for reasons to do so.
You will make any problem bigger than it is and make divorce seem inevitable.
You could say that you don’t want to get divorced because you have problems, but you are trying to get a divorce.
Our subconscious knows more about us than we do.
There is a deeper reason why you don’t want to admit to yourself and your partner.
You don’t love your partner anymore, that’s mostly what it means.
This is something that a lot of people feel guilty about.
Should you leave your partner if he or she hasn’t done anything wrong?
Love doesn’t work that way, but it can be.
There’s no basis for a good marriage if you don’t love someone.
The best thing you can do is get a divorce, because you will no longer love your partner, as I have already written.
If you deny this, your partner will already feel like something is wrong.

Have you spoken to your partner about your problems?

If there are problems in the relationship, a lot of people want to solve them on their own.
People lay down all night wondering if there is anything they can do to fix the problems.
It is often forgotten that there is more than one person in a relationship.
A problem that you create can’t be solved alone.
I encourage you to talk to your partner about any problems in your marriage.
You can fix your problems much faster and easier if he or she has suggestions for solutions that you wouldn’t think of yourself.
Each relationship has two partners who must work together to keep their relationship healthy.
If you want your partner to help you with your problems, he or she needs to understand where you see the problems in your marriage.
You need to explain this to your partner very clearly.
You have to listen to what your partner has to say, because he or she may see the same or different issues in your marriage.
You will have to work on these problems with each other.

Are you willing to work on your issues?

Either stay or separate…
It’s nice to know that your problems should be doable.
It takes a lot of work and effort to solve these problems.
If both of you are willing to work on your problems, then it makes sense to stay together.
It would be better for you to get a divorce if you don’t agree to it.
Why are you still with your partner if your marriage isn’t worth a lot of effort?
You will be willing to work on your marriage if you still love each other and your problems are solved.
There are bigger problems if this is not the case.
One of you no longer loves the other
It seems like divorce is the best thing to do.

Do you only stay because of the children?

People perpetuate an unhappy marriage because they think it would be better for the children, one of the most common reasons.
Even though it makes them unhappy, many couples stay together because of the importance of a stable home for children.
As a parent you put the needs of the children above your own.
If you’re thinking about it for a while, you should ask yourself if this is actually creating a stable home.
People who are thinking of divorce tend to fight a lot, or they are very distant.
The children will notice this and be restless.
Children don’t fully understand adult relationships, but they feel good when something is not right.
Kids blame their parents for not divorcing earlier.
For the sake of the children, divorce is the best solution.
Once the marriage has already broken down, the ideal case won’t be able to be offered to the children.
If Mom and Dad split up, the kids will know what’s going on.
When your parents don’t love each other anymore, it’s not nice, but it’s still better than having to watch their arguments.
It is important that your children know that it is not their fault that you are divorcing.
You both will always love her even if you don’t love each other anymore.
After the divorce, you should deal with each other normally.
When the children are around, you should be civil to each other, because you don’t have to live together anymore.
Parents who can’t stand each other is the worst thing that can happen to a child.

Do you worry about being alone?

You’ve been together for a long time if you’re married to someone.
You may not know how to live alone if you keep having someone with you.
You can keep the marriage going if you are afraid of being alone.
If you love your partner too, marriage is a good thing.
That isn’t a good reason to stay with your partner.
After a while, you’ll get to know someone new and you’ll get used to being single again.
Even after you’ve been together for a long time, a bad relationship is still a bad relationship.
I recommend divorce if that is the only reason to stay with your partner.

Have you considered relationship therapy?

First and foremost, your marriage is something between you and your partner, and marital problems are something that you should solve together, if you decide to break it up.
You should think about going into relationship therapy because that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help at all.
This can be helpful.
Acceptance of help is a sign of strength.
Experts in the field of marriage issues are relationship therapists.
Many couples have found therapy to save their marriages.
If you are considering a divorce, I recommend relationship therapy.

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