Six Benefits of Being Awesomely Authentic

Most of my life I was operating from major social anxiety and fear. So presenting myself in
ways I hoped people would think was cool became an overwhelming focus for a long time. I
was constantly scared to say the wrong thing so I rarely talked for the first 30 years of my life. If
you are anything like I was…you know these are very painful ways to suffer through your days.
But what would happen if you went from drunkenly depressed to awesomely authentic?! I’d
like to cover six advantages I’ve experienced from my profound shifts in recent years. And
these are all available for you tap into at any time.

1. Being Able to Truly Enjoy Your Down Time!

I remember often trying to sit down to relax but feeling this major pressure to do
something…anything. This quickly leads to you filling your days with busy work that
ultimately wastes time and energy. And it brings you more stress, anxiety, and pressure
around never getting enough done. But when you tap into authenticity, you can take your
downtime and actually enjoy it. This will lead to you feeling more calm and chill, as well as
joyful and energized. And this will lead to you making decisions far more easily. Because
you’ll become so comfortable in your own skin that you’ll more naturally trust your instincts.
Instead of questioning your options, weighing all the scenarios in your head and never
making a decision cause you’re too scared or uncertain. Overall, being awesomely
authentic allows you to lose the need to prove yourself. You’ll feel far less concerned with
trying to be perfect or impress people.

2. You’ll Experience More Positive Emotions.

For my most of my life, my go-to emotions were stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm.
I would seldom feel positive emotions cause I was busy trying to numb the negative ones
with alcohol. The problem with that is you also numb the possibility for wonderfully positive
emotions. As you increasingly become authentic you’ll become more aware of and in
control of your emotions. And you’ll easily experience more good than bad feelings. This
will lead to your thoughts and mind naturally becoming more positive, energized and
focused. And these two factors alone will dramatically impact your attitude, your motivation
and how well you care for yourself.

3. Your Problems Will Start to Seem Like No Biggie

Five different people could have the same exact problem and they’d each deal with it very
differently. Some people react explosively to any problem that arises. I remember getting
pissed off and upset for getting a parking ticket, and it was almost at the same level as my
anger when I got fired from a job. When you are awesomely authentic you can look at a
problem and think, “okay, that is not what I’d prefer but what can I learn from this and how
can I move forward in the best way possible?” That is a far different reaction than most
have to any problem that arises in their lives.

4. You’ll Enjoy Other People’s Company More.

I I used to desperately want to connect with people. For years, I just wanted to be able to
have a casual conversation with people around me and make some friends. But I was
always so focused on my own flaws and what I should say and how the person might think
of me. That caused my social interactions to be very awkward and uncomfortable. But as
you become increasingly authentic, you stop worrying about yourself and you get very
curious about the person you are talking with. So you can become more genuinely
interested in getting to know those around you. Then you can ask questions and share
things about yourself based on how that person responds. This is far more enjoyable and
easy compared to the way I used to try and be social. Authenticity helps you realize that
other people are not constantly judging and criticizing you like it may seem in your head.
And this leads to you having more of a desire to contribute to others. Whether you
volunteer, or give more compliments or start a non-profit foundation…becoming more
authentic will make it far more easy to meet your need to contribute to those around you.

5. You’ll Appreciate Little Things Like Never Before.

Did your parents ever say, ‘clean your plate, there are starving kids in China.’ As a kid, I
didn’t have a real connection to what that truly meant. It’s so easy to go through our lives
comparing and judging and recognizing more of the difficult bad parts than the good,
marvelous parts. The more awesomely authentic you become, the more incredible levels of
gratitude you’ll be able to connect with. Did you know there are literally over one billion
people on earth who do not have access to electricity or clean sanitation? Just that statistic
alone can help you appreciate more of what you have. What may seem small to you could
literally change the life of another person in another part of the world. Cultivating gratitude
can also lead to you being more authentic. So you might want to go about it that way. Aim
to be increasingly more grateful for what you have and who you are. And along the way,
you’ll become more awesomely authentic and genuine.

6. You Become More Open to New Possibilities

When I was very young I would get lost in fun day dreaming. But for most of my life I lost
my ability to truly dream in that sort of way. Being stuck in wishing things had been different
or worrying that things won’t go how you hope…that only keeps you stuck in the type of
life you are ultimately not happy with. Becoming more authentic causes you to become
more creative, more passionate and excited about trying different things in your life. This
will allow you to increasingly see and utilize your potential. So you’ll be able to get excited
about a life you never would have thought possible for yourself. To the point where you’ll go
after your dream life with far less fear or worry. Because you’ll know you are following your
intuition which comes from the part of you that wants you to live a magnificent and
miraculous life.

Becoming awesomely authentic will take time and effort. And how you get there is as personal
and unique as you are to any other person. However, there is no doubt that learning to live from
the most authentic place possible within yourself is the ultimate priceless prize that no amount
of money can buy. When someone is operating from a truly authentic place within them, you
will be very intrigued and drawn to that person. Even if you don’t consciously recognize it…a
person who’s tapped into that is hard to miss in a room. Realize that these are merely six of the
endless advantages of becoming awesomely authentic. You may think living this way is
unattainable to you. Well, the truth is that everyone has the ability to live from this more fulfilled
place. You simply have to follow your desire to connect with that part of yourself. Go after it
and enjoy yourself in the process.