The Honeymoon Effect

In the early stages of a marriage, you can no longer keep your hands off each other, as the honeymoon effect suggests, because you are constantly in the mood for each other.
Things aren’t as great as they used to be when reality sets in.
William James is the scientist who came up with the term “honeymoon effect”.
The sexual activity of 21 newly married couples was analyzed to find out why more and more marriages are breaking up.
In the first month of their marriage, the couple slept together on average half as much as a year later.
With increasing marriage duration, there was a slower decline.
The birth of a baby seems to stop the sexual intercourse of the parents.
Sex life is the most significant area of a partnership that loses quality over time.
The latest research supports the theory of the honeymoon effect.
In the first two and a half years of marriage, data was collected from almost 400 couples.
Fourteen percent of the men had experienced a significant “honeymoon effect” according to the researchers.
At the beginning of their marriage, they were very happy with their relationship, but it waned over time.
They were unhappy in their marriages after 30 months.
The researchers found that the women who experienced the “honeymoon effect” weren’t initially as satisfied with their relationships as the women who didn’t experience the effect.
Which couples are at risk the most?
The “honeymoon effect” is when a man is more likely to be depressed or aggressive and his fiancée is less satisfied with their relationship.
It was the same for both women and men.
The more depressed or aggressive the women were, the less likely they were to have a high level of initial happiness.
It’s good to know this because it can save time.
If things are no longer going well in the relationship, intensive family therapy is a good idea.
Take some time to be with each other.
In a partnership, eroticism is important, but what if things don’t go as planned?
Sex is less frequent in couples with young kids.
Many mothers have little sexual interest in the first three months after birth.
The effect can’t be proven when the children are six years old.
It’s normal for passion in a relationship to cool off.
There is a sexual emergency in the first months of being in a relationship.
eroticism can become a serious problem if it loses its importance too much.
Illness, boredom, relationship problems, and the inability to put one’s own sexual needs into words are some of the reasons why this happens.
What are you going to do about it?
Staying interesting to each other is one of the things couples should do.
Just arrange to meet up as a couple one day a week to take time for togetherness.
The partners should have the freedom to do what they please.
You don’t need to do everything at the same time.
Couples counseling can help men and women rediscover their attraction to each other.
Couples shouldn’t put themselves in that situation.
Each couple has their variation in the amount of sex they have.

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