The Pros Of Becoming A Social Worker

Are you interested in pursuing the career path of a social worker? This role is reserved for people who are naturally motivated and passionate. This is not a career that you find enjoyable unless you are absolutely sure this is what you would like to do. The 1st hurdle you will need to overcome is the admission processes to a university. Typically, you will be required to submit the following:

  •  Social Worker personal statement
  • Course-work documentation that you have completed
  •  3 to 5 reference letters
  •  Transcript copies
  •  Application fee

Probably one of the more important documents that you will be required to submit is the Social-Worker personal statement which will contain why you would like to pursue this career. This document is important as you are able to express your overall knowledge along with your passion for this role. You need to aim at speaking to the minds and the hearts of the recipient or recipients.

Just about every job is associated with negatives and positives. Becoming a social worker will be no different. Here are the pros and the cons of becoming a social work

The Pros


As a social worker, you will have different fields that you can choose from. You can choose to work in nursing homes, hospitals, schools or even with the military. Most of the social workers find employment in the government organizations and schools. If you complete your Master of Social Work and you go onto qualify for what is known as a clinical social-worker, you can then choose to open a private practice. If you have made the decision to progress onto an MSW, consider paying particular attention to what you say in your personal statement for social work. This is a document that gets your foot through the door.

 Work Environment

The social workers usually wont work in the worst of the working environments. In most cases, the work environment will be at a government organization, hospital or school. These are safe and secure environments to work for.

The Opportunity For Growth

Even though it is not always easy to get that foot through the door in the role of a social worker, when you work very hard, you will soon find opportunities for promotion. When you complete the MSW, this potentially opens more doors and will assist your growth dramatically.

The Cons

Emotional Exhaustion

The role of a social worker is demanding and not easy. This is especially true when dealing with circumstances that are difficult. When you invest your emotions and feeling in a client or case you can end up feeling drained emotionally. This usually occurs when you find it hard to separate the job from your own personal life.


The role of social workers is not regarded as one of those top-earning careers. You have to do this job because you really love it. It may be an income that is secure but most social workers will live very average based financial lives. If you are looking to make a lot of money, this is definitely not the career path for you.


With a ton of paperwork combined with complex cases, many social workers are really overworked. Combined with the low pay this is one of the major drawbacks about this job.

We are in need of good and passionate social workers in order to restore futures for our citizens. Obtaining a social-worker degree, is going to assist you personally. It will help you to learn the ways to analyze people and may save you a bit of heartache in the process.

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