The Top 5 Self-Improvement Tips for 2018

We could all make do with a little self-improvement in our lives every now and then, and bettering our prospects for engagement with both ourselves (internally) and the world at large. No human being is perfect – although some may attain a marked level of proficiency in one area of life over others (although this may mostly be due to practice and good working/thinking habits, and to a lesser degree on account of the indomitable offerings that come with innate talent).

In this post, we’ve listed our Top 8 Self-Improvement Tips for 2018 (compiled with the help of a Buckeye Broadband Internet plan) that are guaranteed to instill a noticeable semblance of betterment into your life – provided you’re willing to heed the potent advice encapsulated within them.

Some of these may sound like pithy truisms (which you may have become tired of hearing by now). But no one can deny their practical efficacy when it comes to ushering in some much-needed personal change.

1.    Make time for Time


Time is the one resource that we cannot get back, or obtain enough of to do the things we want with the benefit of much casual comfort. For this reason, it becomes very important (for anyone hoping to amount to anything substantial in life) to budget it in accordance with one’s daily obligations.

So in 2018, make a simple journal list of all the priority tasks that you need to get done in a single day (and every day; for a foreseeable period). Allocate the greater portion of your working schedule to them, and manage all remaining obligations within the time that remains.

This way, not only will you see positive results accrue quickly, but will be amazed at your increased ability to get your work done quickly – and with quality.


2.    Dump the Junk Intake

Nowadays, too many of us have become addicted to the infinitely-processed yet delectable snacks that arise out of the industrial machinery to make their way into our stomachs. These manufactured treats have notoriously unbalanced nutritional profiles and are high in dangerous simple sugars (carbs), Trans Fats (which lead to heart disease), and a number of chemical preservatives that increase shelf-life.

This year, make a conscious decision to chuck these foods out of your life for good, and replace them with a balanced daily ratio of the major macronutrients (proteins, fats & carbohydrates) and minerals – in their recommended amounts.

Trust us – a balanced diet does make all the difference!


3.    Make those Daily 8000 Steps

Have you bought a pedometer watch already?

Well if you haven’t, then you need to buy one right away.

Why, you ask?

Well simply put, you can burn a large number of calories every day (roughly between 200 and 700; depending on your current weight profile) by simply walking your daily 8000 steps. And with a brisk pace, we should add.

Walking with a correct posture, with arms & legs swinging in full turns through the air, is largely considered one of the best full-body workouts in the exercising community. Its unrivaled appeal across all demographic groupings is also owed to its little (to largely nonexistent) requirement for any specialist gear.


4.    Load Up on the Water Reserve

Everyone aged between 15 & 65 requires at least eight to twelve (250 ml) servings of water in a day. This is because the average human loses this quantity of water through his/her daily activities, and so it makes critical sense to replenish this volume as soon as it is lost.

Ideally, you should hydrate in excess of your daily water requirement – provided you don’t suffer from any debilitating disease condition like kidney failure.


5.    Do Less of the Stress

In life, particularly when it is analyzed in retrospect, there are few matters that actually necessitate any allocation of stress being diverted towards them. Most of the time, things simply flow according to their predestined course; and so any amount of anxiety or worry you choose to devote to them yield little (if any) productive results.

So take our advice…and just choose to let some things (which don’t drastically affect your peace of mind) go!


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Good Luck with the Improving!