These Topics Of Conversation Are A Great Way To Keep A Conversation Going

We’ve all been in a situation where there was an awkward silence on a date.
Sometimes it doesn’t work to get the conversation going again, but you try.
This is usually more difficult than one thinks, and one would like to avoid such an uncomfortable silence.
Hopefully, the following topics of conversation will help you plan for the future.
If you find it difficult to get in touch with other people, you can memorize some of them so that you always have a few questions ready.

Talk about dates with general tips.

Make sure you keep asking the questions.
Try to expand on interesting topics.
This is supposed to be a conversation and not an interview, so don’t forget that.
When you are asked a question, make sure you answer it in detail and answer all other questions as well.
It’s not a real conversation if you don’t talk and listen.
Politics and religion are not included on the list.
You shouldn’t address them too early because disagreements can ruin the mood.
You have to know each other better if you save these topics.
There will always be people who don’t want to speak to you.
If someone is very monosyllabic, always responding with one word (‘fine’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘okay’), avoiding eye contact, and not asking questions, it most likely means they’re not in the mood.
For the time being, it is better to leave the person alone.
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There are 20 good conversation topics.


As the current state of affairs.
It’s a good idea to connect the conversation to the current situation.
Depending on where you are and what you are doing, the questions you can ask are vastly different.
If someone got to a place before you, you might ask how long they’ve been waiting.
If you’re at a show, you might ask if they’ve seen an artist before.
You can ask the other where they are going if you are traveling.
You can talk about the dishes and how to find them when you’re at a place that serves food.
You can discuss the music at a concert.
The most important thing is a good start, it doesn’t have to be complicated or deep.


There are topics of conversation date.
Your work is a good topic for discussion because you will be able to tell a lot about it, and it takes up a lot of your life.
Asking someone about their work is a good way to find out more about their work.
Do you know what you are doing?
How long did you work there?
What do you think about your work?
Do you enjoy working with your colleagues?
What do you think about your job?
What previous jobs have you held?
What was the worst job you’ve ever had?


Learn study
It’s a good time to look back on our student years.
It’s a good topic for discussion because it’s always nice to share something about it.
The following questions could be asked.
Did you take the time to study?
Are you still happy with your choice, and what did you study?
What are the easiest things to learn?
Which subjects were the most difficult?
What are you interested in learning today?
What was it like when you were in elementary school?
What did you do after you graduated from university?
When you were in school, what kind of kid were you?


Everyone likes to hear people say they think someone looks good.
A great way to start a conversation is with a compliment.
You can say that you like a piece of clothing the other person is wearing and ask where he or she got it.
You look terrific!
Do you look great now and then?
These shoes are chic and where did you get them?


There are topics of discussion on the news date.
It’s not a bad idea to talk about something that’s happening in the world.
Questions about this could be asked.
What are your thoughts on the news?
Do you know about breaking news?
Do you keep up with the news?
Do you think it’s underreported?
What are the things that are too much talked about?
How do you get the news?


If you’re passionate about sports, it’s a good idea to steer the conversation in this direction, because you can talk about passion and pleasure.
Questions about this could be asked.
Are you a fan of the sport?
Which teams are you a fan of?
Which game did you watch the previous night?
What do you think about the popular player or team?
Do you work out on your own?
Who do you think will win?

There are 7 minutes of free time.

People like to discuss what they do in their free time.
Asking the other person what they like to do in their free time is a good idea.
The following could be asked about this.
In your free time, what do you do?
Do you have enough time to do what you like?
Is there anything you would like to have more time for?


Music is important to a lot of people so why not discuss it?
If your taste in music coincides or not, you will discover it immediately.
Asking questions about music is one way to do that.
What type of music do you like?
Who was a fan of yours before?
Which band is your favorite?
Have you been to a concert in the last few months?
Which album do you like the most?


You can talk about your favorite food for hours at a time when you like it.
You can keep a conversation going by discussing a suitable topic.
Which restaurant dish is your favorite?
Do you enjoy cooking?
Do you like to try unusual dishes?


If you like reading books, you can choose to discuss them.
You can exchange tips and discuss your favorite books.
The following questions have something to do with this.
Are you a reader?
What book genre do you enjoy the most?
Which book are you currently reading?
What book are you most fond of?
Which book was more disappointing than the others?
Do you recommend any books?


The series and films are good topics for a conversation.
Without streaming services, we can’t imagine our lives.
You can almost be certain that the person you are talking to has seen at least one of the great series and films that are available there.
It’s nice to talk about the series of films that you liked, and maybe you can give some tips on what to see.
What show do you like to watch?
What do you think about the popular series?
Have you watched a popular series?
What shows have you seen that are over, but you can’t get enough of them?
Do you think I need to watch any of the series?


Someone will probably tell about a great trip if they have had one.
This is a great topic for small talk.
Where have you been?
What place did you like the most?
What other places would you like to travel to?
Is there a place you would recommend to me for a trip?
What was your favorite country to visit?


The question of hobbies is a good source of interesting topics of conversation, even if it sounds trite.
People enjoy talking about their hobbies.
You can ask other questions.
Do you like to play a game?
How long have you been doing it?
What did you come up with?
What are people’s opinions of your hobby?
When you were young, what hobbies did you have?
Do you still want to try any hobbies?


People who own pets like to talk about them.
You can ask a lot of questions about pets, which is one of the reasons they offer good topics of conversation.
Here are some relevant questions.
Do you like cats or dogs?
Do you think an animal is a pet?
What are your pets?
What type of animal do you want to own?


Children talk about good topics of conversation.
If you both have children, this theme usually works.
You have the same thing to say about it.
Unless you or the other person has a genuine interest in your children, it’s best to skip the topic.


What location did you grow up in?
People like to talk about how they used to live at home.
You can ask questions.
Where did you come from?
Did you like living there?
What effect has your birthplace had on you?
What are the best and worst things that happened to you as a child?


We used to like what we saw.
The last point is related to that.
You could ask some follow-up questions.
As a kid, what games did you play?
What did you like to do when you were younger?
When you were a kid, what cartoons did you watch?
What fads did you like when you were a child?

18. Friends

Friends are important to many people because they are closer to many people than their own family is.
They are a good topic of discussion.
You can ask questions.
Are your old friends still in touch?
What do you do when you have friends?
Do you prefer having a lot of friends or just a few?
How long have you been friends with your friend?
What happened to your best friend?


The family has good topics of conversation.
If your counterpart has a good relationship with their family, he or she will be willing to discuss it.
The following questions could be asked.
Do you have any siblings?
Are you close to your family?
Do you go to family reunions often?
Do you have any family traditions?


You can inquire about the other person’s accomplishments.
Everyone is proud of what they have achieved and will be happy to discuss it.
There are questions to be asked.
What is your proudest achievement in your life?
Have you won any awards?
Will it bring you closer to a big goal if you tell me what you want to accomplish next in life?

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