time management – Your Time Is Just as Valuable as Someone Else’s

Ever asked yourself how people can make huge steps towards success? Or have you ever wondered how your friend is able to do it all? Well, there is a very simple explanation and it all comes down to time. It is the one thing that remains constant even as other things become scarce.

Since the dawn of mankind, the time has been of value; or how else would you explain the watches and traditional methods to tell time? Successful people factor time as their best and most valuable resource.

In case you did not know, your time is just as precious as someone else’s and here is why;

It is the common denominator:

While there exist huge gaps between the poor and the rich, time is the one thing that they have in common. They all get 24 hours a day. No one can extend this limit no matter how rich.  Born in a rich or poor family does not matter when you have time at your disposal. It is abundant in all of us and what makes a difference is how you spend it. Your time in this world stops to tick when you lay to rest but until then, you have plenty of hours.

When people realize this fact, they work towards time management to help achieve success and accomplish their goals. Time management makes a big difference to competitors after the same thing. It will also be the same if you do not waste your time. Your time is your own. When you fall short of minutes to meet your deadline, you cannot borrow or buy time. Before anything, always consider the value of your time. Avoid time thieves such as;

  • Distractions

Even though you have plenty of time at your disposal, it can seem not enough when distracted. You spend too much time on the TV, Facebook, checking emails or even with friends, time will never be enough. While you are distracted your competitors are busy making sure to beat you. Your goals are just piling up with none accomplished. If a task is not that valuable then do it later after all others are finished.

  • Excuses

At one point, you may have been in a situation forcing you to say there is not enough time. This is the biggest excuse we make to defend ourselves from meeting deadlines. Others give excuses under different circumstances. The fact is; doing something is better than making excuses and doing nothing. Stop the excuses and use your time to fix things

Complaining about everything also does not help. If something is bothering you and can do something about it then do it. Spending time complaining will steal some minutes from your wealth of time.

Time is never recovered:

If a new day starts, there is no going back to yesterday. The time you spared will not be carried forward. This is why you should make every second count. Once time is wasted it can never be brought back. Do what you must do when you have the time and avoid postponing stuff.

It is a sure bet that once you make it to the next day, 24 hours awaits you. Make the most of it since it is the one precious thing you got.

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