What 3 Things Would You Change About Yourself And Someone You Like

1. I would like to be more patient.
2. I would like to be more outgoing.
3. I would like to be more self-aware.
Watch the following video carefully; it is a real eye-opener:

What 3 things would you change about yourself and someone you like?


1. I would change the way I behave around people I don’t know. I can be very abrasive and inconsiderate.
2. I would change the way I think about myself. I’m often too hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit.
3. I would change the way I look. I’m not overly unhappy with myself, but I could definitely improve my looks.

The 3 things which I would change about myself is .
1.learn how to live a confidential life which helps us in failure situation.
2.learn how to be happy or search happiness in every movement .so It will lead your life so peacefully .
3. Never miss understand others and understand the situation well.
4.Always think I can and just make a try ,so you can understand your power.
Everything thing is possible when you make a strong wish…..!
Thank you…!

”What are 3 things you want to change about yourself?”

Change your priorities. This is important if you want to live a balanced, fulfilling life. Change your self-talk. Your self-talk has significant influence in your life. Change your motivation. Change your habits. Change your friends. Change your commitments. Change your inputs. Change your methods.

1. I would like to be more confident in myself.

2. I want to be more outgoing and social.

3. I would like to improve my cooking skills.

What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

My answer: My first thought was to change something physical – and magically drop some extra weight I’ve gained. But honestly, I think even more than that, I would like to become more organized and less of a procrastinator. And if I could change that, I could finally start to exercise and lose the weight too!

There is not one thing I would change about myself. I’m happy with who I am and the life I have. I don’t think I could ever improve on anything.

What are 3 good things about yourself?

I’m capable. I am confident. I love challenges. I’m moving forward. I make great decisions. I don’t need other people’s approval. I am lovable. I am responsible for my own happiness.

1. I am intelligent and have a lot of experience.

2. I am a hard worker and always try to do my best.

3. I am friendly and enjoy spending time with people.

What do you like to change about yourself?

Pick a personal trait that doesn’t impact your ability to perform your role. Be vulnerable, yet professional, while discussing your weaknesses. Express your desire to grow and improve yourself.

I like to change things about myself that I feel make me a better person. I like to try new things and be more adventurous. I also like to be more organized and have better time management skills.

How do you change yourself into a new person?

See yourself outside yourself. Find the habit associated with the thing you want to change. Practice every day, no matter what. Set realistic goals. Constantly look in the mirror. Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth.

Self-improvement is a never-ending journey. It starts with taking the first step and admitting that you need help. Once you admit that you need help, it is time to find a program or coach that can help you reach your goals. You need to be patient and persistent. Set small goals and reward yourself for reaching them. It is also important to have a positive mindset. Approach your self-improvement journey with a positive attitude and you will be successful.